Monday, September 16, 2013

Page 240

Colt swam up to the water’s surface, where things were no calmer. Waves kicked him up and tossed him around like a pool toy.

If you want to talk to me, then just think the words inside your head,’ said Bohwanox.

Gah! Fuck you!

Good job. Also, there’s another shark behind you.

Colt could barely turn in time to see the dorsal fin disappear. He couldn’t feel the jaws clamp down on his leg, but getting dragged back under was informative enough.

He sent the shark flying out of the water. ‘I don’t have time for this shit!

Are your children still safe?

Hopefully, yeah. They should be with Hector, unless something went wrong.

Ah! Hector, huh? That’s good, then. I had to keep my distance while Geoffrey was chasing you, but Hector is the reason I was keeping tabs on you in the first place.

Hey, which way’s the shore?

Bohwanox pointed.

The reaper was clear as day to him, even in the nightly waters. Light seemed to make no difference, despite the fact that Bohwanox was an already dark figure. To Colt’s eyes, the reaper seemed not to have a face, being entirely obscured by a pitch black cloak. Even the hands and feet were hidden.

Colt started swimming, staying under the waves. The current fought him, but he plowed through. ‘So Hector is your servant, too, is that it?

No, no. Reapers can only have one servant. Hector’s reaper is named Garovel.

Hmm. I guess now I know where the kid’s inhuman power comes from.

Indeed. And you’re quite fortunate, by the way. If Geoffrey had consumed your soul, I wouldn’t have been able to resurrect you. I was just going to leave and tell Hector what happened until I saw that your soul was still intact.


  1. Geoffrey would have liked to get Colt's soul.

    1. Speaking of, does the persons soul give Geoffrey different amounts of power or do they just have different flavors?

    2. Nah, they all give the same.

      As for flavors, well. I've never tasted a soul, but I'm sure they have all sorts of varieties, determined by the accompanying personality. Light-heartd, airy personalities would be like the Cheetos brand of souls. Sullen, jaded personalities would be like sour cream and onion Pringles.

  2. No idea where the thought came from, but if I were to become a reaper's servant, I know what power I would want. Materialization. I would materialize the element of...SURPRISE!

  3. Pesky sharks. Always interrupting a conversation

  4. I still want a reaper for Lynn though. I like her a lot more than I like Colt.

  5. No, I'm pretty sure it's all about the texture. Some are rough, some are smooth, AND SOME ARE WHIPPED CREAM.