Monday, September 30, 2013

Page 259

The next two people were trapped in a broom closet. They’d presumably tried to take shelter there, only to have a massive line of shelves fall and block the door. Hector cleared it easily enough. One of them couldn’t walk, so Hector hoisted the man over his shoulder and carried him all the way out of the building.

Police officers were waiting for him at the entrance, and Hector was briefly afraid they would try to get in his way. Instead, they took the injured man off his hands, carrying the guy to an ambulance.

Another officer offered to take the twins away as well, making Hector deliberate a moment before deciding to run away with them. He leapt over the police line and ducked into a narrow side street.

Under cover of darkness, he listened for Garovel’s next orders. When none came, he asked the obvious. ‘See anyone else trapped?

I’m double-checking, but I think that’s everyone.

Really? I thought there’d be more...

I imagine the power station doesn’t have a large night crew. And I bet a lot of the place is automated.

So... all the people made it out safely?

Well. No, unfortunately not. There’s a fire near the far end of the building. Looks like some poor guy burned to death.’

Hector frowned and sighed. ‘I could’ve... if I’d...

I don’t think it was possible to save everyone here, shitty as that sounds. You’d need to have been ridiculously powerful, and you’re already stronger than normal, given your age as a servant.

Hector had no response. He waited for Garovel to finish up searching. The reaper made a third pass to ensure no one had been missed.

Looks like there was only one casualty,’ said Garovel. ‘Firefighters got a couple people out, too.

I guess that’s... something...


  1. That guy didn't burn to death. That guy was eaten, then disposed of.

    Also Hector's parents will be held hostage by the time he gets back.

    That abomination is such a jerk.

    Hilarious comedy stuff tells us those 2 ppl were clearly having sex in the closet before everything blew up. For them, the world moved.

    ... Wow I have got to do this exercise thing more often, post-exercise high is hilarious.

  2. One correction.
    Hectors parents may not be hostages, Geoffrey would have plenty of time to turn them into puppets.
    He may however still pretend to take them hostage after that.

  3. ‘Looks there was only one casualty,’ like needs to be between "looks" and "there". Finally finished catching up today, was on my phone reading it, figured it would be easier to post on an actual computer. Keep up the great work, one of the best stories I've read in a long while.

    1. Fixed, thanks. And welcome. Thrilled to see another reader caught up.

  4. That was pure gold! Lol!

  5. Hector needs to stop being so damn hard on himself. He did great.

    Now, let's see what Hell awaits him at home. Geoffrey didn't get a chance at the twins, but he has Hector's parents all to himself...