Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Page 244

As he neared his house, Hector kept trying to think of how he would explain the children to his parents. He considered trying to sneak them in, but that didn’t strike him as very practical, considering the kids could simply cry and alert his parents at any time.

He left the motorcycle in the cemetery again and carried the children to the house in his arms.

When he entered, he found his parents in the den. His mother was sleeping against his father’s shoulder. The man saw him and the children, and Hector could see the thought process taking place on his father’s face.

The man gently woke his wife. They stood and approached him together. “Hector,” his father said, “why do you have two babies in your arms?”

You got this under control?’ Garovel asked.

We’ll see,’ thought Hector. “A friend of mine is having, uh... kind of a... a family emergency. He needed someone to look after his kids. And, um. I’m sorta the only person he could rely on...”

His mother cocked an eyebrow. “Who is this friend?”

“He’s a cop...”

“A cop?” she said. “How did you become friends with a cop?”

“Ah... a school program thing. He and some others were doing... like a... seminar type thing...”

His father folded his arms. “And that was enough for him to entrust you with his children, was it?”

“I, uh... well, I sorta got more involved than the other kids did. Visited the police station and... yeah.”

“Uh-huh,” she said. “And what sort of family emergency are we talking about here?”

“I’m not completely sure about that, myself... but he needed my help, so...”

“How long does he want you to look after them?” his father asked.

“Uh... a few days, maybe? That’s sorta unclear, too...”

Samuel and Vanessa Goffe exchanged looks. Then they both eyed the children another time.


    My humble gift to you, Mr. Frost.
    It is a word cloud for every word in the Zombie Knight up to this point.
    You're gonna notice something, but Im not gonna spoil it.

    1. Haha, hmm. That's really cool. I'm not sure how accurate it is, though. There's no way that Damian, Feromas, Ozmere, and Moss have been mentioned anywhere near as much as Hector.

    2. Ah, I see why. The RSS feed only holds 25 posts. So that word cloud applies to the last three chapters, roughly, rather than the entire story.

  2. I wonder what hector's parents originally thought " Son did you get a girl pregnant already?", "Son did you just rob an orphanage?" "Did one of your friends get pregnant and ditch you with their kids?"

  3. Hector doesn't know the first rule of telling believable lies: keep it simple. "Mom, Dad, I'm babysitting." The end.

    1. "This isn't a daycare. Why did you bring them here? Why couldn't you do it at their place? When did you start babysitting? And who are the parents, anyway? Did they leave town or something? Why would they trust their kids to you? Is this a favor, or are they paying you? I swear, if those kids wake me up in the middle of the night--how long do we have to put up with this for, exactly?"

    2. "What do mean, am I getting paid? Of course I'm getting paid! But since when do we ask each other about or jobs in this family? Sheesh!" And Hector stomps off to his room like a teenager whose parents are being totally unreasonable.

    3. "Since when? Since your job involves bringing living human beings into the house without warning or the supplies to take care of them."

      And I don't think Hector could imagine himself getting mad at his parents and stomping up to his room.

    4. Better option.
      Hector says he is babysitting
      parents ask if he is being paid
      Hector pulls out a few thousand troa-stolen from Rofal's goons in early chapters-
      says he wouldn't risk refusing

    5. No, I'm sure Hector couldn't pull that off, hence why the scene didn't go that way. If he could, his life (or unlife) might go a bit easier... But then he wouldn't be the same Hecor we know and love. He'd be someone else, and we would all miss out on this delightful story.

    6. Which is why Hector is rolling in the dames: Voreese, Sheryl,
      Girls love 'dem shy guys.

    7. Which is also why girls love Super Mario 2. Bet you didn't know that.

      Yep. I like my site to be educational, too. You're welcome.

  4. I think you must have meant Lynnette instead of Reese, cause Reese only has eyes for Roman. It's obvious

  5. Ugh, the 'rents choose now to be all "parental"...