Sunday, September 22, 2013

Page 249 -- XXVIII.

Maybe it IS impossible,’ said Garovel. ‘Obviously, a good family wouldn’t just take them without asking any questions. Maybe we could explain somehow or find some other way to pull it off, but... at the moment, nothing springs to mind.

“Ugh, geez... and what’s the third option?”

As Garovel was about to answer, however, Hector’s phone began beeping. It sat inside the coat on his desk, and they both turned to look at it there.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: ‘Beware thy shadow...’
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Hector checked the messages. The conversation read:

unknown_sender: delroy. 8133 sampson st. life/death. keep them safe
user: r u ok?
user: what happened?
unknown_sender: im fine do u have the kids?
“He actually answered,” said Hector.

That’s a relief. Ask him what happened again.

Hector did so. They didn’t have to wait long for the reply.

a lot. easier to explain in person. lets meet up asap
“Hmm.” He showed the message to Garovel.

There’s no reason to tell him where you live. Pick somewhere else.

“The cemetery?”

Eh, that’s too close. You know that park west of here? About two kilometers or so?

“Uh... Nelson Park, right?”


“Okay...” He sent the message.
ok heading there now
Hector’s brow receded. “In the middle of the night...? Geez. I guess he’s eager to get his kids back. I suppose I would be, too, if I were him...”

He wasn’t sure if he should sneak out through the window. It seemed like a bad idea with two babies in his arms. He knew his parents both had early starts in the morning, especially his mother, so he checked downstairs and was relieved to find that they had both gone to bed already.

He slipped out through the front door with the children, bringing the baby supplies just in case. As he approached the motorcycle, he made a fresh iron carriage for them.


  1. Oh noooooooo This is not goooood.

    1. Alot is going to go bad, this is just a start =T

    2. Seriously though, NEVER take the kids, If I was him, I'd leave them at home, and if it was really colt, I'd just take him to the graveyard, tell him to wait there, and get the kids.

    3. ... no.... just no

    4. oh schist...Geoffrey had that phone last...

  2. I honestly hadn't thought Geoffrey was smart enough to do this. But, he might be able to take Geoffrey now. And better now than after Abolish has fed him a town.

  3. Fuck. I knew this would happen. But come on, Hector, man. I wouldn't have taken the kids. I would have scouted to see if it really was Colt before taking them.