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Page 658

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From quite high up, Voreese swooped down. She stopped a ways above everyone and looked over the restoration efforts. ‘Wow, I didn’t think you guys’d be so quick to get started.’

Garovel motioned toward Amelia. ‘You can blame the Lady Carthrace there for our productivity.

Voreese descended the rest of the way until she was about level with Garovel. ‘Have you encountered any problems? Any anxiety attacks? Oh, and hello, by the way. Good to see you both.

Likewise. And what do you mean? Anxiety attacks?

If I’d known there were gonna be so many people here, I would’ve told you earlier,’ she said. ‘Warrenhold has a very unique quality to it. The three of us can’t sense it, but normal people can. Apparently, it’s like a pressure in the back of their minds, and they have no idea what causes it, which makes people very anxious and uncomfortable.

We noticed something like that,’ said Garovel. ‘We were just underground with the surveyors, and they seemed pretty eager to get out of there.

There’s no actual danger,’ Voreese explained. ‘The real cause of the feeling is kind of silly.

Oh, you know what the cause is?

‘Course I do. It’s the stone. All eight towers down there were uniquely constructed. These ones up here weren’t, though. They were added later by other people.

Ah,’ said Garovel. ‘Warrenhold was built by a servant, you mean?

Yeah, an extremely powerful integration user. Some of the things she could do with her power--I don’t even know. I’ve never seen anyone else able to do what she could. I mean, I understand the mechanics of her work, but I don’t know how the fuck she pulled that shit off. Even in terms of servants, she was like a fucking wizard.

You knew her well?’ said Garovel.

Fuck yeah, I did. She was my servant for a very long time.

Hector blinked. He was tempted to join the conversation now, but since he was the only person present who could actually hear these two talking, he figured it would be best to just listen quietly so as not to spook any of the nice people around.


  1. Warrenhold was built a servant, is that supposed to be built by a servant?
    sorry for my horrendous english and if i am wrong on this not a native english speaker.
    Love your work though keep it up!

  2. not sure where to ask this so it will be done here. if a reper releases a servant can another reaper take up their soul?

  3. Yep, that was a typo. Thanks for the catch and for reading. :)

  4. Nope. The servant is stuck with the reaper, but the reaper is not stuck with the servant.

    It was briefly mentioned way back in the second story arc, when they were in the midst of helping the Queen escape. It was Ch. 19, page 180, in case you're wondering.

  5. ok, thanks but good god man do you ever sleep?


    But in all seriousness, if you are staying up late to get these chapters out faster, please don't. We don't want you overworking yourself on our account. If you're finding the quota for these extra pages stressful or tiring, spread them out over a longer period of time.
    Keep up the great story and stay healthy! We have great expectations of you!

  7. I only sleep during a full moon. And I wake up covered in blood and fur. I'm sure it's nothing, though.

  8. I'm good. Don't worry. I'll be the getting all the pages done within the overall time frame.

  9. "Blame the Lady [Carthrace]"
    I think that is how her name is spelled. I just think you made a typo up there.

  10. Sounds perfectly normal. Nothing to be concerned or suspicious about at all.

  11. "He was tempted [to] join the conversation now, but since he was [the only] person present"

    (In case it's unclear, the second error is that you switched "the" and "only")

  12. It's too late for that, Hector. You've been standing there staring at empty sky, then nothing, looking like you're following a conversation with the air, for a brief bit now! *cackles*

  13. What the hell! I was right. It wasn't natural. And that WAS what bothered them.

  14. Interesting bit of backstory. Hmm so things created by a servant can have slight adverse affects on regular humans or it just Reese's former servant that causes this phenomenon? Hmm, indeed

    Doesn't Hector remember that he can ask Reese questions through Garovel?