Thursday, April 10, 2014

Page 625

--1st Anniversary Special (day 4/7, page 3/4)--
I hear you are already dreaming about marriage,’ said Chergoa. ‘Is that true?

Emiliana just averted her gaze, unsure how to answer that.

Fourteen is a bit young to be focusing on that, don’t you think?

She would have liked to tell the reaper that it wasn’t any of her business, but unfortunately, it very much was. Emiliana understood that their lives were bound together now, and throwing a fit about it wouldn’t do any good. Her mother had certainly made sure to hammer that much into her.

Still, she found it difficult to say anything. Of course fourteen was young. She was under no illusions that she was older than she really was. But that didn’t change the way she felt.

Hmm,’ the reaper hummed, suddenly with the echo that indicated privacy. ‘Could it be that you already have someone in mind?

Her eyes widened, and for a moment, she forgot to breathe.

Ah. Is that really how it is? You can tell me. I promise not to tell anyone else without your permission.

Emiliana blushed and looked at the ivory carpet. “Yes...”

Who is it?

She exhaled a heavy breath. “Don’t make me say...”

Do you know if they have feelings for you, too?

“I... I believe he does...”

Hmm. Is there a significant age difference?

“Ah... well... he is two years older than me.”

The reaper paused. ‘It’s not Cisco, is it?

“What?! No! Cisco is my brother!”

Just checking.

“That’s disgusting!”

Is it one of Cisco’s friends?

Emiliana abruptly lost her fervor.

Oh boy. And Cisco doesn’t know, I take it?

“If Cisco found out, I’m afraid he would kill him...”

His reaper wouldn’t let him do that. Might let him break a few of the boy’s bones, though.

Emiliana just frowned.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell them. If this boy really is such a big part of your life, though, then I would like to see him.


Does he have a reaper as well?

“No. But he does know about them... I think Cisco showed off to him once, maybe.”


  1. It would have been funny if she was a fan of the dark steel soldier and wanted to marry hector lol

  2. Haha that would be! Wonder if they are even in the right country though...

  3. I'm pretty sure it said she's in Sair, which isn't even next to Atreya on the maps George has so kindly made.

    Would it be possible to add the map to the side of the page or as a background? Would be interesting to see it without having to open a new tab every time and be like "ooh, that's where they were. Oh but they're here now, how long did that take again? *read read read* Ah, it took that long, wow that was quick!"

  4. Sorry, but I don't think so. That sounds kind of annoying to implement, and it wouldn't be very mobile-viewer-friendly.

  5. i am wondering why don't you make map of the continent?
    And for a second there i though that they will meet and something WILL HAPPEN. And there will be two girls chasing him :) HAHAHA

  6. Chergoa is female?! Oh ho ho hoh! You just KNOW I'm gonna be calling her "Cher" from now on! I'm gonna be imagining the real Cher's voice too lol

    Also, Cher is an idiot. How can she be female and not know that girls think bout marriage RIDICULOUSLY early? I've seen girls discuss it as early as ten!

  7. On of my long time family friends insisted she was going to marry me when she was 2 years old (I was 9 at the time). Of course, it was never really taken seriously. But yeah, I believe RIDICULOUSLY early is fairly accurate.

  8. Lol 2 years old? I'm surprised she even knew the meaning of the word