Thursday, April 3, 2014

Page 605

“So you have a more pressing concern?” the Queen asked.

“Yes,” said David, “or at least, similarly pressing. I am worried about the AFA. I have been observing its movements for a while, and I believe I can say with some confidence now that it should be destroyed. It’s filled with people who were loyal to Gabriel. Even with him gone it’s still too dangerous to let those people retain their positions.”

“Mm.” Helen sipped from a fine blue tea cup. “You are worried they will now prove more loyal to Luther than to me, is that it?”

“There is that, yes, but more broadly speaking, I think the AFA is frankly too much of a wild card at this point. Even if those people don’t choose to follow Luther, they could quite easily splinter off and form new rogue factions of their own.”

“I see your point, but at the same time, we cannot simply dissolve the Agency of Foreign Affairs. It does serve a rather important role, when not plotting against me. We will certainly have need of it moving forward.”

“True. Perhaps we should refurbish it, then.”

“That is what I am thinking. But that would also require strong new management.”

“Indeed. Not just someone who can bring potential traitors to heel, but also someone who can make use of them. Not an easy command, dearest sister.”

“I might ask you to take the job, but...”

David gave a weary laugh. “Don’t you think I have enough to do?”

“Do you have someone else in mind?”

“Your aunt. I believe she would serve admirably, and if not, then she could probably point you toward someone just as capable. Perhaps more than one person, even.”

Helen frowned. “That woman. Yes, I suppose she would do very well there.”

“Try to sound more enthusiastic when you offer it to her. Whatever you think of her, she did save Meri’s life, and possibly my own.”

“Yes, yes. And she is fiercely loyal to William. I will offer her the position soon.”

“Thank you.”

Their conversation went on for a while longer, and then David ventured off again.

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