Monday, April 7, 2014

Page 615

--1st Anniversary Special (day 2/7, page 1/4)--
So what does pan-rozum actually do?’ said Hector. ‘Just make the servant faster and stronger?

No. That was a byproduct of Harper’s ability being what it is. Pan-rozum allows the user to assimilate attributes of different ability types. For a brief period of time, that is.

Eh... I’m still not sure what you mean...

Well, for instance, Harper was able to meld the properties of his alteration ability with that of both the transfiguration and the integration types. He took the bodily attribute of transfiguration, as well as the conversion attribute of integration.


In other words, pan-rozum allows a servant to break down the barriers between the different types of abilities and merge them together. That’s how Harper’s ability could change from just manipulating light to... actually BEING light.

Wait, what? You’re saying Harper converted his body into... light particles or something?

Basically, yes. And not just that, either. Thanks to the integration attribute, he was also able to restore his body back to its original state afterwards, and that’s not easy. In fact, nothing about that is. The whole thing is a ridiculous accomplishment. I’m still a bit awestruck, I guess. The amount of training that the two of them must have done... If Harper’s really only a servant of his twenties, then that is absolute madness.

Couldn’t he have joined the Vanguard later, like after being a servant for a while?

Possibly. It’s uncommon for servants to wait so long to pick a side, but yeah. He does seem to have a special arrangement with his rank, too, so maybe you’re right.


Honestly, with pan-rozum activated, Harper’s ability is one of the strongest I’ve ever witnessed.

Hector blinked at the long stretch of road ahead of him. ‘Really? Three thousand years, and Harper’s one of the strongest EVER?

That I’ve personally seen,’ Garovel reiterated. ‘But yes. I’m not sure you understand the caliber of warrior you’ve just met and fought alongside. He may be the fastest human being who has ever lived. The speed of light is pretty much the top of the mountain on that one.


  1. Mr. Frost, be honest. Will we get to see Hector and Garovel do pan-rozum sometime down the road.

  2. Like I've been saying...

  3. Sorry, I just had to ask since I saw your name on this page. Were you not against the idea that Harper had turned into light when he used pan-rozum? Well, what did you think of this page...? ;)

  4. Oh so that explains it. It kinda reminds me of the manga Psyren (one of my favorite manga of 2008), where the Nova ability was a combination of 3 main categories of abilities.

    Is pan-rozum limited to 2 other abilities other than the servant's main, or can all 6 be used if the servant is skillful enough?

  5. I think Frost knows his framework well enough to break the rules within the framework when he wants to. It helps that it's been made clear this was a magnificent bastard class manipulation of the rules to achieve something absolutely top of the line.

    For instance, part of my objection was that such a transformation should be impossible to guide and control. But with the entirely new arena of combinations of abilities everything changes. One ability changes him, his original ability lets him remain in control while changed, another changes him back.

  6. Yeah, as soon as I read the Garovel's first lines, I understood what had happened. I like that bout a story, when the author can have a character do seemingly impossible feats, yet it's been still been grounded firmly within the logic of the story. Frost pulled off quite a good one with this. I can only hope it stays this consistent

  7. emperors might be able to

  8. Best not to expect it anytime soon. Maybe after several years and a timeskip or three.

  9. That's the thing I thought about your original comment. "This is impossible because there are strict rules"
    But we don't know the rules. We only know what Frost wants us to know/what Garovel knows. Which might not be right. Honestly, one of the best things an author can do is have his entire rule set written out. Then what each of his characters THINKS the rules are. Usually the sub rules are right, in their own way. Just, missing a bit.