Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Page 604

Since returning, Helen had not met with her council even once. Prince David had convinced her very quickly to dismantle it and rebuild from the ground up. Instead of doing it herself, however, she delegated the responsibility to him. David didn’t seem particularly thrilled with the job but accepted it gracefully, and after he was gone, Lynnette saw the Queen putting the reapers to the very same task. They, of course, would be able to spy on everyone and report back to Her Highness with any candidates they deemed suitable for the positions.

It struck Lynnette as a bit odd--and a little devious--that the Queen did not inform Prince David of what the reapers were doing, but she supposed it never hurt to be cautious. Or maybe the Queen just wanted two independent lists to compare against each other. Whatever the case, it wasn’t Lynnette’s job to worry about such things. It was, however, her job to observe everyone closely, and Prince David had become someone who met with the Queen more frequently than anyone else.

And to Lynnette’s eye, this was a good thing. Despite recent circumstances, terrible as they’d been, the good prince seemed to have a clear head about it all, and oftentimes, he brought a smile to Helen’s face.

“And how is my beautiful sister on this fine evening?” said Prince David.

“I am well,” she said from her desk. “And what about my intrepid brother? How are you?”

“I have certainly been worse, thank you for asking. Ah, and I see your bodyguard is still looking as stalwart and intimidating as ever.”

Lynnette wasn’t sure what made him say that. Maybe it was the eye patch. Maybe she should find a new one. A white one, like her cloak. Or maybe that’d only make it worse. She wondered where in the world she might find fashion tips regarding eye patches. Curiously, that didn’t seem to be a big thing in magazines or on television.

“What brings you here?” said the Queen. “Have you finished your list, already?”

“Ha, not quite yet. I’m not a wizard, you know. These things take time.”


  1. Just finishing going through the archives of this novel of yours; I just wanted to say that it was quite the enjoyable read.
    That, and you are ridiculously prolific. I look forward to continuing to follow The Zombie Knight.

  2. That's awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying. :)

  3. Does no one notice the bones she wears as a gauntlet?

  4. "It struck Lynnette as [a] bit odd..."

  5. I can't believe I missed this comment. In some circles wearing bones would be a source of cred. After everything that Lynnette has been through it is definitely suspicious that she is not wearing a necklace with her defeated enemies' teeth as well.

  6. Lol fashion tips on eye patches