Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Page 632 -- LXXIII.

Admittedly, that did dampen her enthusiasm a bit, but she was determined now. “Well, I don’t need him to be brave,” she said to her brother. “I only need him to be kind and sweet and thoughtful--which he is.”

“Yeah!” said Alex. “I’m super nice!”

“Listen,” said Cisco. “Alex, you’re my friend, and I like you, but you are not a good match for my sister, and I’d rather you stay away from her.”

Alex immediately nodded. “Well, okay, if that’s how you feel--”

“Shut up, Alex,” said Emiliana. “You don’t need my brother’s permission to date me.”

“That’s true,” said Cisco, making them both blink at him. “But he asked for my blessing. I’m only telling him that I’m not going to give it.”

“So, wait,” said Alex. “If we start dating anyway, then... you’re not going to murder me in my sleep?”

Cisco took his time answering. “Of course not. Don’t be silly.” His words didn’t match the threat on his face and in his voice. “I would never hurt you. You’re my friend.”

“I’m glad that’s settled.” Emiliana took the locket from Alex and enveloped one of his arms with both of hers.

“Eh... y-yeah...”

“Where should we go for our first date, then?” she asked.

“Uh... I was thinking a movie, maybe...?”

“Great! When should we go? How about tonight?”

“Er--if you want, I guess we could--”

“By the way,” interrupted Cisco, “now that she’s fourteen, Emy has a reaper, who will probably be spying on you whenever you think no one is looking. Have fun with that.”


Hey!’ said Chergoa. ‘It’s no fun if he knows I’m watching! You’re only supposed to ruin your sister’s good time, not mine!

Alex just gave a nervous laugh.

Chapter Seventy-Three: ‘O, guarded promise...’
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Luther was relegated to one corner of his cell while the maintenance man worked. Soon, he would have his television, just as David had promised.

David was also present, seated on the other side of the glass and observing the installation. The person seated next to him--Luther recognized her immediately. He’d never actually learned her real name, but the white cloak and sword on her hip told Luther all he needed to know.


  1. only need to be
    need him

  2. Well Cisco is a good sport...kinda. At 16, I would have throttled that guy for liking my sister lol

  3. Heh. I never really understood that mentality. Unless you know (or suspect) the other guy is just trying to use her, why be so hostile?

  4. I was mostly joking. I wouldn't have throttled my friend but I certainly wouldn't have been happy bout it.

    Anyway, it's the Big Brother Reflex. Protect the lil sis around that age (regardless if you annoy her any other time). And around that age, hormones are running wild. Many boys at that age are thinking bout one thing when it comes to relationships. Since the big bro is also a boy, he also is going through those impulses, therefore he suspects any boy that comes close to lil sis of going through the same thing. This protective feeling is also displayed by a father when his lil girl starts dating. It's actually a fairly common thing.

  5. I suppose. I probably never understood it, because I always considered relationships to be a long term thing and found it rather disgusting to hear other guys speak of them as little more than conquests.

  6. That's what a big bro/father fears, that the girl would be just another conquest.