Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Page 654

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Marcos flinched. His father never really yelled, but the man could take a certain tone that made Marcos suitably frightened. He held up his glass of milk. “I’m sorry,” he tried. “I couldn’t sleep, so...”

“Well, hurry back to bed.”

Marcos looked up at his father and frowned. “Pa. Um... are we in danger?”

The man gave a sigh of irritation. “You were eavesdropping.”

Marcos looked at the floor.

“It’s nothing that you need to worry about,” his father said, a modicum more softly. “That’s a job for your mother and I.”


He patted his son on the head. “Marcos. You know the world is dangerous. I can’t promise you that nothing bad will ever happen. Your mother would kill me if I lied to you like that.” He knelt down to look his son in the eye. “But you are an Elroy. A Rainlord. And what do the Rainlords say? What have we always said?”

“‘The rain fears not the torch.’”

“Yes. And what does that mean?”

Marcos remembered asking that same question. He remembered his father’s answer equally well and now chose to repeat it. “It means we don’t run from danger. We destroy it.”

“That’s right. All of us. Even while I’m away, your mother will be here, and you know she won’t let anything happen to you. Neither will your brother. You understand that, don’t you?”

“Yes, ensir.”

“Good. Now with that said, we are not in any danger that we know of. I would tell you if we were. Do you believe me?”

He wasn’t really sure he did, but he still said, “Yes, ensir.”

“There’s a good boy. Back to bed now. Off you go.”

He nodded and downed the rest of his milk before returning to his room. He didn’t feel all that comforted, really, but he still fell asleep after a fashion. When he awoke, he was able to see the Lord Elroy off before school. As he watched the man drive away, Marcos frowned and wondered who would be there to prevent anything from happening to his father.


  1. Hmm, seems like I finally reached the end. I have to say, I find the fact that you are able to put out so many pages, while maintaining a good story, to be very impressive. That is a talent that not many authors have.

  2. Thank you kindly. Welcome, welcome. :)

  3. I originally took a break on this page about a month ago. BUT NOW I HAVE RETURNED! I reread a few chapters leading up to this one. This story really is great. And I just voted on Top Web Fiction (I'd actually forgotten to ever do so, I'm sorry) and with my vote, you're bumped into the 5th spot.

    But good Lord, the Number One Spot (O_O)

  4. Yeah, Pact's pretty crazy. The wordcount's equally crazy, though - two or three 6-10k word chapters a week.

  5. I've started reading Pact.

    I actually feel a lil guilty for liking it. 8P Like I'm betraying Frost or something lol

  6. That's because you are. How are you enjoy something other than my work. In fact, I have already released my attack dogs. It is only a matter of time until they find you. They're really smart. They know how to use the Internet 'n everything.

  7. No, my Lord! Forgive me! Forgive my wandering eye! I've learned the error of my ways! Call back your hounds! I will be faithful!

  8. Heh. I actually came over here after reading through worm and pact (both wildbow's stories), and caelum lex. Honestly the title threw me off at first, since I tend not to like zombie stories. But this isn't really your traditional Zombie story, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

  9. "And what do the Rainlords say? What have we always said?” 

    "Winter is coming?"

    "... no son. That's a different family's saying."