Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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--1st Anniversary Special (day 3/7, page 1/4)--
Did they eventually make peace?’ Hector asked.

Oh yeah. And what was even better was that, by the time the Lyzakks finally lost their war-boner with the Armans, the Armans had already developed into quite the fearsome people. In the beginning, it’d started with just making traps, but as things drew out, they buckled down and got to work learning how to fight, lead, sabotage, and all that good stuff.

Hector couldn’t help laughing. ‘So I’m guessing this isn’t exactly an unbiased version of events you’re giving me...

Well, I do feel bad for all the slaves the Lyzakks took, because a lot of them died in the fighting; but when I think about the Armans and everything they did to defend their families and their lands, I really get pulled over to their side. Broadly speaking, that is.

Right.’ And Hector thought Garovel was done talking about the subject, but after a beat, he realized how wrong he was.

But anyway, like I was saying, when the Lyzakks decided that they didn’t wanna fuck with the Armans anymore, they tried to just leave them alone and pick fights with some other people. But it was too late for that. Everyone else on Eloa had rallied around the Armans already, so wherever the Lyzakks went, the Armans would come over and fuck their day up. It was really great. The Lyzakks had no choice but to just calm the hell down. And after peace was made, the Armans and all their constituents consolidated their power into one huge group, and that’s how the Mohssian Empire came about, controlling the whole western half of Eloa for two millennia. Which includes modern day Atreya, by the way.

Yeah, I know where Atreya is, thanks. I did manage to make it through third grade, at least.

Just saying,’ laughed Garovel. ‘Anyhow, the Lyzakks gradually turned into the Valgan Empire, and they of course controlled the eastern half of Eloa, but not for quite as long. Regardless, the Mohssians and the Valgans became the primary cultural divide on this continent. I think Sair is the only modern day country that has both of those old bloodlines in large quantities.


  1. Okay, not an ongoing war. But the origin of the divide that birthed the two sides, yes?

  2. Ah damn, I was thinking the same thing

  3. How could Hector say Garovel is biased when Garovel is decrying his own people?

  4. Atreya.... Atreya... Why does that sound... familiar? Wait, is that a never ending story reference? (I know the name has been used before, but seeing it a couple times on this page sparked that though. XD)

  5. In the Neverending Story, the main character is Atreyu, so very close. Atreya is from Hindu myth, the child of Atri I think, but that's the limit of my knowledge.