Friday, April 11, 2014

Page 627

--1st Anniversary Special (day 5/7, page 1/4)--
Emiliana attended the same secondary school as Cisco, who had recently gotten his license and was now able to drive them. Back on her first day here, she’d quickly discovered that her brother had a reputation as a bully, which made her a bit reluctant to be seen with him. On the other hand, she found that it also made people she didn’t like leave her alone. And after a while, she realized that she didn’t really think Cisco could be a bully, either. It was probably just some misunderstanding. That would be more like the brother she knew. He wasn’t really mean--just a bit brusque and harsh, most of all towards Marcos, but of course, the little brat deserved it as far as she was concerned.

Chergoa followed her to school as well. Maybe this was just for their first day together, though, because Cisco’s reaper wasn’t following him around.

Emiliana got through the beginning of the day normally enough, thankful for the routine of it all. Chergoa often wandered off to have a look around and perhaps see what Cisco was up to. It wasn’t until they broke for lunch that the next moment that Emiliana had been dreading arrived. Being two years younger, she didn’t share any classes with the boy of her affections, but she did share the same lunch period.

His name was Alex Belos, and he was sitting on the other side of the refectory. Emiliana remained with her two friends, but she stopped listening to what they were saying as Chergoa wandered closer to look at him. Thankfully, at least, Cisco had a different lunch period and wasn’t sitting right next to him.

Hmm,’ said Chergoa privately. ‘I thought he’d just be some pretty boy, but he definitely isn’t.

Emiliana squinted. ‘What are you saying?

Nothing. Just that I figured a girl your age would go for someone more... handsome.

What?! He is very handsome!


She wanted to yell, but that would have made a scene, so she settled for a curt breath as her expression of disgust. ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about.


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  4. Have to say I'm impressed with how well you portray so many different personalities. I barely understand how my own mind works.