Saturday, April 12, 2014

Page 628

--1st Anniversary Special (day 5/7, page 2/4)--
I guess he’s alright,’ said Chergoa, ‘if you’re into horsefaces and big foreheads. Handsome in the non-traditional sense, maybe.

Shut up! You’re an idiot, oh my god!

So defensive. You really do like him, huh?

Emiliana growled under her breath until she realized that wasn’t very ladylike. The odd looks from her friends may have had something to do with it as well. She made the excuse that she’d just been trying to clear her throat, which they seemed to buy, more or less.

What’s so great about him, anyway?’ asked Chergoa.

She’d been expecting this question for a while. ‘He’s sweet, thoughtful, gentle, kind, handsome, and smart.

Chergoa laughed. ‘You sure came prepared, didn’t you? How do you know that he really is all of those things, though?

Because he has been friends with my brother for five years, and I have known him just as long.

That doesn’t really answer the question.

Ugh. You want specific examples?

I suppose not. His true nature should be apparent enough if I observe him when he thinks no one is watching.

That’s... that’s horrible. You shouldn’t invade his privacy.

Shouldn’t. But I’m still going to.

I’m telling you not to!

Good thing I’m the boss in this relationship, then.


He’s not even your boyfriend yet, is he?

N-no... but...

But what?

I’m supposed to meet him after school today.

Ooh. Why?

He said he wants to give me a birthday present.

Your birthday was two days ago.

Yes, well, we didn’t have school two days ago.

Sounds fishy. Maybe I should tell Cisco and have him meet you there.

Her eyes widened. ‘Don’t!

Only teasing.


It’s not like Alex could do anything to you, anyway. For his own sake, I hope he doesn’t try anything.

He wouldn’t do something like that.

You sound convinced.

Emiliana returned to listening to her friends. Or tried to. They were talking about the upcoming biology exam, which she wasn’t especially interested in. Not because it was boring, but rather because she wasn’t worried about it. Biology was one of her best subjects. As usual, they asked her to help them study for it, and she just kind of nonchalantly agreed.


  1. Hmmmm....
    Is he gonna try something really stupid that will cause her to accidentally kill him?

  2. Sooner or later, we should have a GOOD guy reaper who doesn't have an active sense of humor. For realism, you know.

  3. Hmm, wait, the Queen's one doesn't really crack them much...maybe we're covered (sufficiently)

  4. Humor is a popular coping mechanism, you know. Kohzek was pretty humorless, though, for the brief time he appeared. Axiolis hasn't really made jokes, either, but the jury's still out Shenado, and Dennex.

  5. I know. It's just when Chergoa started cracking them and reminding me of Garovel, it occurred to me we might have an unrealistic distribution. Heavy emphasis on might. I have noticed that a sense of humor seems to be one of the hardest things to write a wide range of. Me, you, and many other pros - the degree of humor changes, but the style of humor, when it shows, often seems similar. I may be oversimplifying though.

  6. What bout Bohwanox? He barely had any humor and the little bit he did have was exceedingly dry.

  7. I REALLY don't like where this might be going....

  8. I have come to conclude I was wrong anyway.