Monday, April 7, 2014

Page 616

--1st Anniversary Special (day 2/7, page 2/4)--
It kinda seemed like Harper was just teleporting around,’ said Hector.

Well, yeah. As far as human perception is concerned, there would be no difference.

That power is pretty crazy... I mean, how could anyone ever defeat something like that?

I don’t know. You did pretty well against it, though.

Yeah, because he was holding back. If he’d wanted to kill me instantly, he could’ve at any time.

True. At least for now, Harper’s pan-rozum is far from perfect. I think Darsihm is still unconscious from the exertion.

Why’d it affect Darsihm so much more than Harper?

The reaper is the focal point of pan-rozum’s merge. It tends to demand more from the reaper, mostly because it’s just such a complex amalgamation of powers. It’s up to the reaper to make all the chosen attributes fit properly into place so that the newly realized power works as desired. The servant’s job, on the other hand, is more to just accept the power without exploding and killing them both. Which, y’know, is also kinda important.


Also, I should probably mention that pan-rozum isn’t necessarily for everyone.


Meaning, depending on what a servant’s ability is, pan-rozum might not even be that useful. Harper’s ability just happens to work ridiculously well with it, so don’t go thinking it’s always as powerful as that.


But there are other hyper states which might suit different people better. For instance, there’s pan-forma, which--

Eh--uh--sorry to interrupt, but, uh, why don’t you save that for another time? I barely even understand what you just said about this pan-rozum shit, so... m-maybe just hold off on lecturing me on all this other stuff that isn’t, uh... I mean, it’s not immediately relevant, right? So...

Well, fine. I didn’t wanna explain it to you, anyway.

Yes, you did.

Yes, I did.

You love explaining things.

Hell yeah, I do.

Hector laughed.

And why shouldn’t I love it, huh? You get to learn things. I get to sound smart. Nobody gets murdered. Everybody wins, really--I mean, when you think about it, it’s pretty awesome.


  1. Timothy Blount JRApril 7, 2014 at 9:13 PM

    It is pretty awesome.

  2. I'll take a supreme, please. Hold the green peppers.

  3. Ah so I was right that pan-rozum affects the reaper more than the servant. And I was right that there are more hyper states, but with the definition of pan-rozum last page, I can't even guess what pan-forma might entail. Unless it's just a different combo of abilities, which would be kinda disappointing actually

    *cough* Anyway, good to know. Harper just fit well with panrozum, which was what made him so strong. Now what are the other *coughshutupmecough*

  5. about pan-pizza?

  6. Pan Forma - You Form in Polish (which I think was the language of Pan Rozum)
    So Pan Rozum made your mind able to master the other types of ability. Pan Forma could change your form somehow, make you into the reaper dimension, rather than bonding the reaper to you. Then you use your abilities, similarly to Pan Rozum, in that form?