Sunday, April 6, 2014

Page 611

--1st Anniversary Special (day 1/7, page 1/4)--
They found Hector in his guest room, already awake for them.

“Ah--hello, Your Majesty. And Lynn.”

“We wanted to say farewell before you left,” said the Queen.

“Oh, I see.”

And a long silence followed, wherein Lynnette could only assume that one of the reapers was speaking. Then the Queen went over to talk to Hector’s mother.

Lynnette shook hands with Hector. She wore gloves now, just like he did, only hers were a bit bulkier as they were meant to conceal the bone gauntlet on her left hand. “Looks like this is goodbye for now,” she said.

“Yeah... I’m, uh. I’m kinda sad to be going. I’ll miss everyone.”

“Heh. My family will probably want to come visit you sooner or later.”

“Ah--y-you think so? That’d be awesome! Oh, but, uh--you should hold off on that. This... Warrenhold place sounds, uh... kinda sketchy, so...”


“I need to make sure it’s safe to have guests and... yeah...”

“Well, you have my cell number.”

“Y-yeah. Same to you. Call me if there’s, like... uh... if you guys want my help, I mean.”

“Of course.”

Lynnette looked toward the Queen, but the woman was apparently busy talking to one of the reapers now. She turned back to Hector, who could not meet her gaze, as usual. She felt an awkward tension welling up and decided to rebel against it with the first thing she could think of. “So they’re calling me the White Sword now, apparently.”

“O-oh, that’s... huh. But your sword isn’t even white...”

“That’s what I said.”

“Ah--it sounds cool, though. Makes more sense than mine, at least. I mean, uh... I don’t think ‘darksteel’ is even a real thing.”

“Mm. You think they just chose that because you’re black?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it, but... now that you mention it... Hmm. Kinda sounds a little racist now...”

She laughed at that. “Sorry.”

“I guess ‘darksteel’ is better than ‘blackmetal.’ That just sounds like a... funky type of music or something.”


“Coulda been a lot worse, really,” said Hector. “Coulda called me, like, the Negro Vigilante.”

“Oh, geez, no.”

“Or the Darkey Knight.”

Her eye widened, and she snorted a sudden laugh. “Wha--?! That’s terrible!”

“Ah--too much? S-sorry...”

She just kept laughing.


  1. Hector....he's talking! He's really talking! I don't think I've heard him talk like this to anyone but Garovel! He's even making jokes!

    Gee...I guess if you can maintain sufficient chemistry (there's definitely been moments before) I can get over the age gap (it helps this story is more than long term enough for you to put them together at 20 and 23 or something)

  2. Toaster of VengeanceMay 5, 2014 at 10:43 PM

    I don't know if I'd call black metal funky, but maybe it's different in this timeline.

  3. silly hector. they call you darksteel because your iron is dark. they call you steel because, well, darksteel is better than darkiron. unless... FORESHADOWING!hector's element is actually steel. i mean they probably got a scientist to inspect the element and they could know more than garovel as i dont think they went to the specialist yet to find out if their element is actually iron. i actually hope its iron.

  4. It's one of Frost's greatest strengths, real psychology at play. He knows how to use it to build complex characters and guide complex character development. Where he used it to explain the twins especially impressed me. Just because it was such an unexpected and yet ultimately perfect application.

  5. He knew what we'd assume. Like any really good writer does.

  6. steel is a alloy of iron

  7. So, bit of help for the clueless... What is it that Hector is doing?

  8. I think he's referring to Hector having a coherent conversation with someone of the female persuasion.

  9. Adding to what SolidGlassHelmet said, I'd even go so far as to say he was outright flirting.

  10. Yeah the twins was the downright best example of his use of psychology. Even playing on the thoughts of the reader. Very impressive

  11. Holy shit...does Hector not know what he's doing? Please God tell me Garovel or even better his mother will enlighten him after this. This is nearly as big a breakthrough as standing up to Vanessa. Or perhaps it was cause of that talk with Vanessa that Hector can now talk so easily with Lynn?

    A study in Psychology

  12. Hey. According to The Rules of Dating Ages, 19 can date anyone between the ages of 16.5 and 24. 20 can date anyone from 17 to 26. So If you don't see 19-16 as ok (I'd say it was, if they weren't obviously taking advantage of the younger one) it's only when Hector gets one year older that it's ok.

    (My math: (Age/2)+7 is the youngest you can date. (Age-7)*2 is the oldest.)

  13. Lord help me, there's an algorithm for this???

    Anyway, truth is, I thought she was older myself. I thought she was in her twenties. Low twenties, but still, I was thinking 22. Also, certain moments made me feel that she was intended for a sister role after all. I can be brought around.

  14. Lol you had the same reaction I did. Still, the numbers line up with my gut feelings on ages.

  15. The Rules of Dating Ages is actually a thing???

  16. Maybe he can make iron based alloys or something