Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Page 602

Over the course of the week, the Queen held a large press conference every single day, inviting a different batch of reporters each time. Lynnette attended all of them, as Her Highness wanted her to be a constant presence in the background. A few times, the media directed questions at Lynnette, but she decided to remain quiet and let Her Highness do all the talking.

The topic of Hector Goffe proved to be one of the most difficult. The Queen explained, repeatedly, that he was no longer a fugitive, that she considered him a national hero. Instead of trying to explain how the people Hector was accused of killing had been dead already, the Queen chose a simplified version of the truth: that their deaths were not his doing. Furthermore, she went on to flat out lie, saying that the people who falsely accused Hector were trying to prevent him from aiding her. And as the conferences continued and more detailed questions were asked, the Queen’s tale grew rather elaborate. By the end, Lynnette wasn’t sure she understood it all anymore, but apparently, Hector had been working under the Queen the whole time. The public never knew, of course, because it was a state secret, a matter of internal security.

“I gave him a mission,” Helen was saying, “to discover who the architect of the plot against me was. He was unfortunately a bit too successful. They attempted to frame, imprison, and subsequently silence him. But obviously, they underestimated young Mr. Goffe. In spite of his age, he is not only strong--as you all well know--but also, intelligent and courageous, which is of course why I hired him in the first place. And after all that he has done for his countrymen, all that he has sacrificed, I want his true nature to now be made clear to all. I hope every single one of you--”

This would go on for a while. If nothing else, Lynnette had to appreciate the woman’s ability to weave a tale.

Some journalists ate the story up. A horrid villain secretly being a noble hero certainly made for an exciting headline. Others were rather understandably more skeptical.


  1. Mister frost, I have two questions:
    First, What is the general skin tone of an atreyan? I mean, I know the goffe's are dark, but i have no idea for colt the queen ETC.
    Second, Does Lyn still have her eye patch? And what is her tone? (see above)

  2. Most Atreyans are fair-skinned.

    The Belgrants, Lumenbels, Rofals, and Colts are all pretty white. Lynn is a bit more tan, as are her mother and sister, thanks to their Intarian blood. Harper and Karkash are a little darker still, and the Goffes are even darker than that.

    And yes, Lynn does indeed still have her eye patch.

  3. Waitaminute - that means the Goffes are foreign. Where are they from?

  4. I can't help feeling the Queen could have found something a lot closer to the truth that would have worked. The more fabrications in a lie, the more weak points it has. I'm not comfortable with this, I'm just not sure it will hold up. And it'll be three times as hard to redeem his name again if this story gets debunked.

  5. I did say "most Atreyans." The Goffes are not foreign, unless you go back a few generations.

  6. Well the darker genes would need to have been introduced somewhere.

  7. Damn Helen is trying her damnedest to clear Hector's name. I wonder how Vanessa feels bout all this...

  8. The funny thing is it actually fits Hector's story to his schoolmates from way back when.

  9. You should commission pictures or something. Should also remove stupid things like the 18 age thing or other various things that are stupid to be in your world as be what I've read yes the parallel fantasy thing sure but not sure how to put this but... if a T-Rex is a natural beast in the amazon one will wonder how the fuck did that happen and how it came to pass.
    If not might as well slap the story with it taking place in america or UK or something with the reaper bit being the only seeming divergence.
    I dunno if such things are answered later on or no but I plan to keep reading this story I found today.