Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Page 633

“I am surprised our sister lent you her pet just for this,” said Luther.

“I’m sure she was merely concerned for your safety,” said David. “If you escaped out there into the world, who knows what might happen to you?”

“Ah, so if I were to escape, you are saying that this young lady here would not immediately hunt me down and cut me in two?”

David glanced at her a moment, then smiled at Luther. “I doubt she would need to kill you in order to subdue you. But then again, I have been wrong before. Feel free to give it a try.”

“Hmph. Can she not speak for herself, this one?”

“I am sure she is a lovely conversationalist, but I did not request her company for her verbal skills.”

“Perhaps she simply knows better than to talk to us snakes,” said Luther. “Smart girl.”

The look she gave him was distant, as if she were hardly even paying attention, like Luther wasn’t even worth her time. In a way, it was more frightening than if she’d been glaring at him. And more irritating.

The maintenance man finished up and exited the cell. Luther stood to inspect his work. Rather a small screen, he felt, and placed a bit too high up for his liking, but it had all the channels he wanted, which was the most important thing. He looked around. “No remote?”

“You can change it by hand,” said David.

“Agh. This must qualify as cruel and unusual punishment, surely.”

“You have your television. I have held up my end of the bargain. Hold up yours.”

Luther put on a frown. In truth, he was a bit relieved. He’d expected David to come up with some kind of clever catch, but this was just petty nonsense. And he was perfectly fine with that. “Very well. A hint is all I promised--and for this meager display, that is certainly all I will give.”

“Out with it, then. If your hint bears fruit, then perhaps this meager display will change.”

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  1. Lol Lynn ignoring the shit outta Luther. Must hurt his pride.

    David/Luther chess matches are always fun