Sunday, April 6, 2014

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During the ride back to the palace, when they were alone again, Lynnette asked, “Are you sure that was wise, Your Highness? Didn’t you just make a lot of new enemies?”

“They were already my enemies,” said Helen. “They were embezzling disaster relief funds. I would have preferred to imprison them, but I currently have no physical proof of their misconduct--only Garovel’s word.”

“Why not wait until you could gather proof, then?”

“They threatened to go after me in the media, unless I granted them more funding today.”

“Wow. You’d think they’d know better than to mess with you by now.”

“These are times of political upheaval. Corruption and betrayals are to be expected. They probably believe that if they do not gain an advantage now, I will eventually destroy them.”

“They are probably right.”

“I have a special place in my heart for those who steal from disaster relief. I think I will sic David and Meriwether on them. With any luck, they will be in prison before they can find jobs elsewhere. If not, perhaps I will ask Hector for a favor.”


“Speaking of Hector, I believe he is leaving for the Gray Warren tonight. Shall we go bid him farewell?”

“I thought he was still sleeping,” said Lynnette.

“He is, but Garovel will awaken him for us.”

Lynnette was still hesitant from earlier. “Please, tell me you’re not... trying to... mgh...”

“Ha. I can go by myself, if you would prefer. We may not see him for quite a while, however.”

Lynnette just grumbled under her breath.

“I hope I have not accidentally jaded you to the idea. You should not let me influence your feelings in either direction. I was only teasing you before. Truly.”

“I’ll try to keep that in mind, ma’am.”

When they arrived at the palace again, it was still a while yet until Hector was slated to leave, and the Queen of course had more business to attend to. Lynnette couldn’t help being slightly distracted through it all, and by the time they went to visit Hector, she was annoyed by the anxiety she’d let build up in her chest.


  1. Is Hector perhaps leaving _for_ Gray Warren, rather than simply leaving it?

  2. Great. Now even the fond older sister thing I was enjoying is probably gone for a while. Thanks Helen.

  3. Might be intentional:
    “I’ll try [to] keep that in mind, ma’am.”

  4. Lynn should have been at least 7 years older than Hector for that idea. And even with 7 years, people would have still shipped her with Hector just on the fact she's the main female. Yes, I said it. She's is the main. Soon as she killed Desmond the first time, I recognized her as such.

  5. I can not believe Lynn can't see the reverse-psychology there. I mean, come on, the lead-in with Hector? There's no way in Hell Helen would ask that of him. Aside from how I don't think he'd do it, his reputation with the media is fragile. He couldn't risk getting caught. No Helen only used that to bring up Hector at the end. And Lynn doesn't see it. Hah!

  6. People will ship anyone with anyone. History has proven this in a most regrettable fashion. Mostly on

    Yes, she's the main *female* the extent there is a main female. Of course she is. She's been being set up for that role from scene one. Halo of destiny all around her.

    Anyway I'm a family man and older brother/sister relationships are underdone and under-rated. I wanted to see it, at least for a while, as much because it gets so neglected and Mr. Frost seems likely to appreciate it.

  7. Lol There's a ship for everything there unfortunately

    I also have no doubt that Frost could do a wonderful older brother/sister dynamic. And he still could, he could just be shipteasing and really just planning to have the two have a...platonic relationship. That avenue isn't closed off in my mind. I acknowledge it, I just don't prefer it.

    The matter of the age difference is really, REALLY negligible in my eyes. But again, just a matter of preference.

    I must admit that I'm a shipper at heart lol

  8. Well I'm far from devoid of romanticism myself. I love a good pairing, and I suspect Frost will do an excellent job when he's ready. In fact I will be greatly disappointed if Hector doesn't get a fantastic love story eventually.

    I don't suppose you've watched the anime Fate/Stay Night?

  9. Actually, no I haven't. But that's from Type-Moon if I'm not mistaken, I believe they also do the Melty Blood/Tsukihime series, which I've read

  10. I am not sure but is (slated to leave) wrong. I think it should be (stated to leave)

  11. Ah, no, "slated" in this instance is synonymous with "scheduled." It's largely an American usage of the word, though.

    Appreciate the check, thanks.