Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Page 620

--1st Anniversary Special (day 3/7, page 2/4)--
Why only Sair?’ said Hector.

Oh, I don’t know. I doubt there’s a simple answer to that question. It was where the Armans and Lyzakks first clashed, so maybe that has something to do with it.


After the two big empires fell, though--that’s when things got complicated.

Oh, right. Because up until then, everything had been so simple.

The reaper laughed again. ‘Comparatively, yes. The Mohssians gave rise to all these small countries like Atreya and Rendon. It’s why, even to this day, you can travel all over western Eloa and never need a translator.

We all speak Mohssian, yeah. They don’t all speak Valgan in the east, though, do they?

Nope. A lot of them do, but they’ve got a handful of younger languages, too. I believe our friend Karkash spoke one of them.

Ah... him.

He didn’t talk much, but I’m fairly sure that was a Vaelish accent I heard. That, and he looked the part. I think Stoker may’ve as well, but his clothes were pretty ragged when we found him, and his accent wasn’t nearly as strong.

I guess that means Abolish is operating in Vaeland?

Could be. Easy to believe, too. Vaeland was one of the most dangerous places in the world a few years ago.

Gah...’ There came a lull in the conversation, and knowing that they still had a good hour or two before they reached Gray Rock, Hector was a bit afraid that Garovel was about to bombard him with still more history lessons, so he tried to steer the conversation elsewhere. ‘Uh... do you know anything else about this Warrenhold place? I forgot to ask before.

Not really. I only talked to Voreese about it a little. She mentioned it being even older than Atreya itself, but that’s it. She said she would come visit us there a day or two after we arrive.

Hmm. Was it just me, or did she seem kind of suspicious when she was telling us to choose the place?

Heh. Maybe.

You were suspicious, too, actually... You accepted her request pretty easily.


  1. this is a good place to ask, how do reapers see other reapers? is it a set thing or is it like servants and everyone is different?

  2. I just realized, they've been having this long ass history lesson while Hector's been riding his bike on the way to Warrenhold?

  3. heh. I asked that a few chapters ago. Good to know it will be explained.