Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Page 622

--1st Anniversary Special (day 3/7, page 4/4)--
Flashlight in hand, Hector eyed the blockage and scratched his head. The rocks at the top were bigger than he was, bigger than his motorcycle, even. “Why wasn’t this ever cleared away?” he asked.

Madame Carthrace was the one to answer. “From what I have read, there simply was not enough interest in doing so. Warrenhold isn’t famous enough to be very attractive to tourists, and no one has lived there for nearly forty years. Only historians have ever broached the subject of reopening it, but they have never been able to secure funding.”

“I hear it’s an eyesore,” his mother added.

“Yes, I have heard that as well,” said Amelia. “The surface is supposedly a ruin, but the vast majority of the castle is underground. No one has visited since the earthquake, however, so we may come to find that in ruins, also.”

“Great,” said Mrs. Goffe. “Is it haunted, too? Because that would just be icing on the cake.”

Amelia bobbed her head. “There are certain rumors about it.”


“I would not worry about it very much,” said Madame Carthrace. “Any old house that has fallen into disrepair will be seen as an ill omen by some people. Superstitious nonsense, it is.”

I like this lady,’ said Garovel.

Hector sensed irony in there somewhere but decided to ignore it. He stretched his arms as he eyed the boulders again, considering how he should approach the problem. Garovel grabbed his shoulder and sent the rush of vigor through his body. Hector wasn’t sure he would need it, though, and simply pressed his hands against the cracked pavement.

Iron grew at the base of the rock wall, weaving through the tiny cracks in its haphazard foundation. He added onto it from the bottom, creating a platform that lifted the whole wall. The weight of the rocks resisted him, demanding much more concentration than any simple platform he’d ever created. He forced it up, and suddenly, one of the giant rocks at the top jostled free and fell toward him.

Hector caught it with both hands, further cracking the pavement beneath his feet. He threw the boulder to the other side of the road, away from everyone. But his aim wasn’t so great. The rock hit a large tree, bounced off, and crushed his motorcycle.

He stared at his work. ‘...Did that really just happen?

It sure did. Good job.


  1. Hector just doesn't have any luck with motorcycles, kinda feel sorry for them.

  2. Slightly_PuzzledApril 9, 2014 at 8:01 AM

    Down one motorcycle, up on castle. Even in ruins, that's still a good trade.

  3. That motorcycle still lasted longer than expected.

  4. Lmao poor Hector, I am pretty sure he didn't mean for that to happen but I guess that is just his luck with motorcycles.

  5. Nooooooo! I finally reached the latest page x.x
    I can't really picture this well.... How hard did he throw that boulder? Cause if it landed on his bike, he had to have thrown it upwards-ish.... But I just feel that with that much force it would have probably done something to the tree.... GEORGE. QUICKLY! Before you post the next page, you need to add that the tree falls onto the bike! Add insult to injury!

  6. LOL. It finally goes. But hey, his driving has clearly improved, if you had to resort to this.

  7. So now he has to learn to drive a car if he wants to go somewhere?


    The downright funniest thing in a while!

  9. I was wondering when the motorcycle was going to get it. Huh.

  10. Why can't his mother just fucking die?

  11. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!

  12. He should just study motorcycles until he can materialize one. Then he'd just have to go to the nearest gas station to rebuild and buy gas and tires after each loss. Assuming his metal would be able to do the job anyway.

  13. To Motorcycle-san:
    If you want to live do not come near hector. I REPEAT DO NOT COME NEAR HECTOR.