Thursday, October 15, 2020

Page 2673

There were a few reasons why he didn't let the Roberts use their Invisibility more frequently. The first was simply that, usually, the entire point of deploying them was to have them take some of the enemy's attention away from him--which they couldn't exactly do if no one could see them.

The second reason was that there weren't enough Invisibility-inducing aberration items to go around. Most them were already in use by his boys. He could've simply ordered them to hand them over to him, of course, but he felt like they needed them more than the Roberts did, honestly.

And the third reason was that Invisibility made it impossible for the Roberts to communicate with one another, unless they were all utilizing the same invisible "umbrella," as it were. And the Invisibility items tended to have a very limited range, so if he wanted the Roberts to operate invisibly, he had to sacrifice either mobility or teamwork--both of which were the Mk. Is strongest attributes.

That was much less of an issue for the Mk. Vs. Their mobility was already greatly diminished, and they were powerful enough that they didn't need to work together. Not to mention, Invisibility complemented the Cage System oh-so-nicely.

When one of then sprung up behind Jackson in midair, Morgunov had to twist around to see the man's face.

That was perhaps his guiltiest pleasure of all. He loved to see that look of sudden realization. Of shock. And the haughtier the person, the more satisfying it was.

Eheh. It didn't get much haughtier than a marshal. They were just brimming with that sense of superiority and self-righteousness.

In the moment, the Mk. V's giant torso was like the open mouth of a dragon as it closed in.

The Star of the West reacted too late, and the surge of flames that came pouring out of him in all direction disappeared behind a wall of black and silver.

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