Saturday, May 31, 2014

Page 713

Mariana’s expression softened. “Don’t apologize, mijara. You didn’t do anything wrong. Is Octavia there right now?”


“Let me speak with her.”

<“Mama... I...”>


<“Ah...”> Her voice was shaking. <“My power manifested. I’m a mutation user...”>

Mariana stopped to digest that information as she looked around the cabin. The sloped windows all around her offered a full view of rolling hills among the flooded lowlands. Aguarey stood high to the south, appearing to almost float above the waves.

“You will have great need of that power, Emiliana,” said Mariana. “I know you may not want it now, but one day, it will save you and those you care about. Remember that, mijara.”

Emiliana didn’t respond.

Mariana had to press her onward. “We’ll talk more when I see you again. Put Octavia on the phone, please.”

<“...Yes, enma’am.”>

There came a brief rustling, and then, <“Lady Elroy, hello.”> The old woman’s airy voice was familiar and welcome. <“I am glad to know you are alive.”>

“Not as glad as I am to know you have my daughter,” said Mariana. House Redwater was one of the few she was inclined to trust. Of all the Rainlord families in both Sair and Intar, the Redwaters were probably the proudest and definitely the most famous. They were troublemakers, historically, not given to taking orders from anyone other than themselves.

<“Is your husband with you?”>

“No. I don’t know where he is. I fear the worst.”

<“I see. I have already sent word out to look for him. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.”>

“Unfortunately, I have a problem which takes precedence even over finding Zeff.”

<“Not having a very good day, are you?”>

Mariana nodded tiredly to herself. “My son Marcos is dead.”

<“Ah... I am so sorry.”>

“I require a suitable reaper for him. I was wondering if you might know of one.”

Octavia was slow to answer. <“That will be difficult. I have a network of contacts, as I’m sure you do as well, but any reaper without a servant is also without a means of getting in contact with them.”>


  1. Mariana expression softened. > Mariana's
    We’ll take more when I see you again. > Talk
    a means of getting contact with them. > Getting "in" contact.. or .. means of contacting them.

  2. We’ll take more when I see you again. > talk
    It's still there.

  3. Missing quotation mark at the end:
    “Let me speak with her.

    Also, what does mijara mean? From context, I suppose it is a term of endearment. The first occurence of the word was in italics and the second one wasn't, though maybe that was intentional.

  4. i find myself wondering how they are going to find the boy's soul if they get a reaper in time. Since he died on the way to the safe house, his soul would have been released over the water. So unless Mariana's reaper was somehow able to take hold of his soul and drag it along with them, it will be lost on or under the water. If the reaper is holding his soul, then it can't be doing much else as that must require it's full attention, thus leaving the reaper open to attack.

  5. Got it. Thank you.

    Yes, it's the in-universe equivalent of the Spanish "mija." If Mariana had been talking to Cisco, she would have said mijoro, as the equivalent of "mijo." And yeah, the first-only italics were intentional. I did the same thing with "ensir" and "enma'am" and "madega."

  6. What is madega equivalent to? Also is it MI-YAR-A or MI-JAR-A?

  7. It's "mee-HAHR-ah" with a slight "rolling" of the r (so almost like "mee-HAHD-ah"). Madega doesn't have a real world equivalent.

  8. Not much to say here other than I hope my prediction doesn't come true... Although, I would have thought tge switch would have been done back at the house so that filled me with some hope. And then the anxiety I felt when I was wondering if Geoffrey had killed Hector's father. This might be getting drawn out for MAXIMUM feels...