Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Emiliana stood to her feet. She went straight for the first question she could think of. “Are you Alicia’s grandmother?”

“I am indeed,” the woman said. “I apologize for not telling you right away. I was hoping to catch your pursuers when they revealed themselves, but it seems they intend to remain hidden.”

Ah, I sense them fleeing now,’ said Chergoa.

That would explain it,’ said a new reaper, phasing up through the floor behind Madame Redwater. ‘I suppose Octavia and I have become a bit too famous to employ such discretion.

“How dull.” Octavia offered Emiliana a pert smile. “They never tell you that once you grow powerful enough, people tend to stop trying to fight you. I have not had a real fight in four years."

Six, actually,’ her reaper said.

“Really? Huh.” The old gal shrugged. “Glad it only seemed like four.”

It’s a pleasure to meet you both,’ said Chergoa. ‘I’ve heard of Octavia Redwater, of course, but not her reaper. What is your name? Mine is Chergoa, and this is Emiliana Elroy.

I am Wendissofigelroc,’ he said.

“Just call him Wendy,” said Octavia.

Please don’t. I hate that name.

Octavia shook her head. “He never learns. No one is ever going to call him Wednesdaywafflerocks.”


“Whatever, Wendy.”

Ugh. Wendy is a girl’s name. At least tell them to call me Wen.

“When what?” And the smirk grew slowly into Octavia’s face.

Wendy only returned a flat stare.

“Get it? When what? That was a joke.”

Wendy just sighed and floated away.

“Anywho...” Madame Redwater turned to Emiliana again. “You are safe now. Let us go find the rest of your family, shall we?”

Emiliana wanted to hug her, but she only managed a weak nod.


Mariana had to keep to an exact path. If the rain hadn’t been strong enough that day, certain areas below the platform wouldn’t be flooded enough for the boat to pass over.

It was a long while before they reached the edge. Beneath Aguarey, the persistent darkness was only occasionally offset by pillars of light and their accompanying waterfalls, both of which were provided by the few drains that weren’t connected to the city’s greater sewage system.


  1. Wow you just know that Octavia is going to take out any enemies like their children.
    Small and fragile looking just means she is going to be extremely skilled never raise a sweat and dare i say it, I doubt she will even have to move to fight and if she does she certainly will never rush. Face it in fantasy books small and fragile looking old people are terrifying when they chose to take notice and get involved. In a world where insanity rules and only power matters those that survive can only be monsters.

  2. I would not doubt it. If Rainlord tradition holds, then she was turned as a teenager. That means she has been a servant for 50 to 70 years. If hector could get that powerful in a few months, grandma must be unstoppable. She might even have the female glare of death as a real power...

  3. It's allready been established that Hector's growth is unnatural and that he's stronger than most people who have been servants as long as him

  4. Roman has been described as terrifyingly powerful, but he's not even a decade old. Although that might just be his power but eh...

  5. I suspect they're putting on a bit of an act with the name, to reassure Emiliana.

  6. Yes, Roman won the power lottery. But also, maybe they're both very talented. No reason we can only have one guy with a gift around. Actually, I would expect Hector be surrounded by other people powerful in unusual or untimely ways.

  7. nah, it's the banter of an ooooold couple. They've been servant and reaper a long time.

  8. Hang on a second. I thought servants didn't age. How do we even get these old biddies?

  9. Reapers may prevent their servants from aging if they wish. It's not mandatory.

  10. Aaahhh, I thought it was automatic (i.e. a side effect of regeneration). So servants can choose if they are in it forever or would prefer to to age and die (or, the reaper can choose...if they're mean).

  11. My name is(head>keyboard).......

  12. Lu Tze's Rule One: "Do not act incautiously when confronting a little bald wrinkly smiling man"
    I figure it's not gender-specific

  13. Personally, I'd want to go with Wendis.

  14. Hmm, if he doesn't like Wendy, perhaps they should go with the next part of his name, Sofi(e).

  15. Huh? Who said Roman was powerful? He does have a good ability (as Reese describes it "pretty sweet") but he mostly stayed under the radar so he never saw battle and didn't grow much. If anything, he's *underpowered* for someone his age as a servant.

  16. Wendy: ‘Wendissofigelroc.’

    Me: "Gesundheit"

    Lol I swear to God that was my reaction. Anyway, ah man, I was wrong bout Octavia. Second time in a row I was wrong. I guess when it comes to my predictions, we now begin--officially--the losing streak.

    I really, REALLY want to see Octavia kick ass. Like, I'm going donate just for that.

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    sounds like a pop song