Thursday, May 1, 2014

Page 662

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Everyone wanted their heads on a pike,’ Voreese went on, ‘and each king had shitloads of competing claimants to his throne, most of whom thought they could win public favor by finally killing these three bastards. So it was safe to say that shit had sufficiently hit the fan for them by that point.

“And Warrenhold kept them safe?” said Roman.

Yeah. One of the kings died of old age; another starved to death; and the last one was only killed because his guards finally decided to just let the enemy in. Unfortunately, that last one also meant that the sixth siege had succeeded, so Warrenhold’s impregnable reputation was spoiled. Which was bullshit, but what’re ya gonna do about it, right?

Garovel bobbed his skull. ‘So in other words, you’re saying this will be a very safe place to live, once we fix it up.

It already is a safe place,’ said Voreese. ‘On the surface here, yeah, everything is shit and will get fucked up real quick, but underground? There are certain areas of the castle--maybe you saw them--that Stasya made extra special.

Oh, you mean the places with darker stone?

Yeah. Stasya called that stuff “nightrock,” and it’s the reason why Warrenhold is still standing. She spent years JUST crafting nightrock, and she still couldn’t make enough of it for the whole castle. Even with her power, the manufacturing process took forever. She made enough for the Tower of Night, and then decided that it just wasn’t worth the time investment to make enough for seven more towers. Instead, she gave them each a small inner sanctum of it.

I assume this nightrock has special properties?’ Not quite a question, but Garovel asked it like one.

Yep. It’s durable as fuck, first of all. Our two servants here? Wouldn’t be able to scratch it. It would take someone like Harper to break through. And then, guess what? Even if you do destroy it, it fucking fixes itself.

“It regenerates?” said Roman. “You mean, like servants do?”


“How the hell...?”

Fuck if I know! I told you she was a fucking wizard!


  1. "Our[s] two servants here? "

  2. Wizard is best class.
    Fucking wizard is a strange choice of magic specialisation though.
    Wonder what the nightrock's rate of self-repair is. And whether it works if say there's blood and guts stuck in the stuff.

  3. Frost, the "[whaddya] gonna do?" part is odd to me since "whaddya" is a nonstandard contraction for "what do you". So I read the part as "what do you going to do?". If you're going for nonstandard, a better version is "[whatcha] gonna do", so the sentence would read as "what are you going to do?".

    Useless nitpicking aside, Stasya seems like a beast. Rock that regenerates on its own? How the flying fuck...? I want a Stasya Gaiden, who's with me?!

  4. Typo:
    "Our two servants here? Wouldn’t be able [to] scratch it."