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Page 702 -- LXXX.

You weren’t trying to kill us,’ said Dennex. ‘And you seem like an honorable gentleman.

“Even so. In your position, I’m sure a lot of reapers would have abandoned their servant.”

A lot of reapers are stupid.

“Does the young Mr. Elroy mean that much to you?”

He does, but that’s not the only reason. I don’t intend to end up trapped indefinitely without a servant, and I’m curious to find out who sent you and why.

“You’re a strange reaper.”

Honesty makes me strange?

Dunstan looked around the corridor again. Their battle had been fairly short, but the aftermath might have suggested otherwise. And with toxic chemicals in the air, he would have to see to it that the area was quarantined before any of the normal people were allowed back into the building. Furthermore, the school’s staff might not feel like listening to him, given that he was covered in blood.

On second thought, the Elroy girl might just get away. Orders or no orders, Dunstan wasn’t about to let innocent bystanders get hurt because of him. Randall probably wouldn’t agree, but then again, Randall was an idiot who’d gotten himself killed.

Is it argon?’ said Dennex. ‘Come on, tell me what your element is. It is argon, isn’t it?

Dunstan stretched his neck. He probably shouldn’t tell the reaper, he figured, in case he ended up having to fight Cisco again, but he decided to, anyway. Something about the reaper’s candor made him feel like returning the favor. “It’s krypton, if you must know.”

Ah. I was close.’

Dunstan started looking around for a bag to place Cisco’s head in. Diplomacy would only be made more difficult if people saw him carrying it around like some lunatic.

Chapter Eighty: ‘O, monstrous child...’
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Emiliana had never run so fast in her life. She wasn’t at all accustomed to her new physical prowess. Chergoa told her not to slow down for anything, but it was difficult with so many people around--and in the rain, too? She tried to stick to grassy areas as much as possible because the pavement seemed too slick.


  1. "the Elroy girl >must< just get away."
    I'm not sure if that is the word you're looking for. I was thinking something along the lines of "might" but maybe the just coming afterward caused you to pick something rhyming instead of correct.

  2. So he's Cisco's Kryptonite?

  3. Haha, not exactly, but hey, whatever. I was thinking more about etymology when I decided on his element.

  4. Okay fine, changing to intrigued

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  7. Aw I was sure Dennex was plotting something there. Maybe in the next couple pages or so.

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