Monday, May 26, 2014

Page 708 -- LXXXI.

Hesitant, Emiliana opened her eyes. The first thing she noticed was that the vision in her left eye was dimmer. Cloudier and darker, and the eye itself just felt stiffer, like it took more effort to move.

And then she saw her hands. Specifically, the tips of her fingers. They’d all become dark as coal and hard like rocks. And more than that, some of them had grown outward, gnarled and pointed like misshapen claws. Two on her right hand, three on her left.

She remembered her face next, how it had burned as well. Wide-eyed, she searched around for a mirror but didn’t see one. But she could see the changes just barely in the corners of her vision. Small protrusions from her flesh. Stubby horns, they felt like. Dark and hideous.

She was about ready to lose her mind. ‘What the hell happened to me?!

Your ability has manifested,’ said Chergoa. ‘You’re a mutation type.

Chapter Eighty-One: ‘What it means to serve...’
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Emiliana moved toward the glass wall, just wanting to get away from the other people before they noticed they were standing next to some kind of freak. She stared at her hands in horror. ‘I’m going to be like this for the rest of my life?

Yes and no,’ said Chergoa, still trying to sound gentle. ‘You can’t exactly undo what’s happened, but you can make further changes to yourself and potentially counteract any negative effects they’ve caused.

Emiliana touched her face another time. Her rocky fingertips had lost all sensation, but with her palm, she could feel four little horns on her head--one on each cheek and then two on her forehead. Her reflection in the window was faint, but she could see enough to know that she already hated what she’d become.

Mutation is the least understood type,’ said Chergoa. ‘I know that might not inspire much confidence, but luckily for you, I’ve studied it quite a bit, so I know more about it than most reapers probably do.

Emiliana wanted to scream at her. It was disgusting. How could her parents let her become a servant if they knew something like this could happen?


  1. Finally a mutation type character. I have been waiting for one to turn up.

  2. I'm so excited

  3. Agreed. I feel sorry for Emiliana though. I had expected that her parents had told her about the different abilities.

  4. They probably didn't expect a mutation ability. Didn't Garovel say it was rare?

  5. is anyone else having toxic avenger flash backs? :p

  6. Did a little search about that. Source is this page: (and the following pages)

    "[M]utation is by far the rarest type. [...] The
    mutation type has a reputation for being weaker than the others--which
    isn’t actually true, by the way. But a lot of reapers don’t like it,
    because it’s much more of a double-edged sword than any other type. See,
    mutation abilities allow the user to make PERMANENT changes to their
    body. Unlike transfiguration, which changes one’s body chemistry
    temporarily, mutation will cause the servant’s regeneration power to
    maintain its changes. This means that even just learning to control the
    ability is dangerous, because the servant could end up accidentally
    disfiguring or disabling themself. [...]
    even if it’s a problem that normally could be fixed with surgery, the
    servant will still just regenerate to its mutated state. The only
    potential solution is to induce a second change which counters the
    detrimental effects of the first change--and that can easily end up
    making the problem worse. [...]
    mutation users screw their bodies up so badly that there’s no hope of
    fixing it anymore. Which can be quite horrific. And at that point,
    releasing their soul is a mercy. I also know that the general stigma
    around the mutation type makes it so a lot of reapers won’t even bother
    with a servant who has it. Because like I said, they see it as weaker
    than all others and not worth the trouble. [...]
    Mutation is the one I know the least about. The rarity makes it difficult to study. [...] Hell,
    a thousand years ago, we thought the mutation type was some kind of
    awful disease. Some reapers might even still believe that. [...]
    shouldn’t try to measure the worth of our servants by the abilities
    they possess. I despise reapers who discard their servants because they
    think the ability isn’t good enough."

    I'm reading into this that mutation isn't necessarily rarer than the other types, but between reapers releasing servants who turn out to have the mutation ability, and servants disabling themselves and have to be released, there just aren't that many mutation users who survive.

    Which was slightly off-topic, sorry for that. I think it would be a lot easier on the Elroy children if their parents had told them a lot more about what to expect.

  7. Horrible horrible
    But what a plot though

  8. I must have forgotten how long it's been since she became a servant during my time away (waiting for the story to get ahead). I thought she was too fresh to manifest an ability.

  9. Forget that. She's made her first change out of sheer instinct while terrified and new. I hope she hasn't already done for herself.

    One thing is for sure. That new boyfriend? Trial by fire before the first kiss. Huh boy.

  10. And her first romantic relationship undergoes the trial by fire before she can even get her first kiss from him. Huh boy.

    Of course, lord knows how long into the story it will take for them to meet up again.

  11. You know, it's strange a mutation type can't reverse the changes, honestly. It's just another mutation - that happens to be what they were before they mutated the first time. Mutation aught to practically be a transformation ability. Or so it seems from here. But if I've learned anything reading this work of yours, it's that you've always thought the abilities through. So I'm assuming a perfect explanation hiding somewhere.

  12. That's an important point. Will be addressed eventually.

  13. uhhh how can her ability manifest so quickly and so prominently... it took hector way longer for it to manifest and he had training/meditation/actual fights. and even after all that plus emergence, it was only a few iron specks. i honestly doubt she just underwent emergence since she wasnt even fighting, just running. unless mutation is an exception (i highly doubt it as that wouldnt make any sense), her ability should have manifested at least after a few weeks or even months (i think that was what garovel originally said yet hector took a shortcut with emergence, but i could be wrong). she definitely should not have her power so prominently or at all within a couple days of getting a reaper

  14. Incorrect. Hector was first resurrected in the evening, and his ability manifested the following night. So, in a little over a day, essentially. Quite a lot happened in that day, however, which is probably the reason for your confusion.

    Also, Hector had not done any meditating or training prior to the manifestation of his ability. And given what we know about emergence, we can conclude that the Hector's manifestation was not a case of emergence (recall that he did not feel the specks on his hands until after the immediate conflict was over and he saw what Colt had done). Garovel briefly mentioned that there was a subtle difference between the initial manifestation of an ability and the further "emergence" of it.

    Anyhow, Emiliana's manifestation did happen rather early, but Hector's happened even earlier.

  15. This is pretty cool. Wonder what's going to happen to her

  16. A reverse Beauty and the Beast plot. I'm liking where this is going lol

  17. Wow I was completely wrong... Is this not faster than Hector own manifestation?

  18. I dunno...I don't think that is where this is going. I think it's heading more towards heartbreak. We've been shown her older brother is a lot nicer than we'd been initially led to believe. I suspect that his prediction about being ill suited is meant to be born out by events to come.

  19. Ah I was just joking. I don't think this development will end well either