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Page 693

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I would rather be reaping souls right now,’ said Dennex.

I know you would, but it’s just for today.’

Is it?

Cisco looked up from his phone. ‘Probably. I guess it just depends on how Ma and Shenado feel tomorrow.

The reaper sighed.

You really enjoy reaping souls, don’t you?

It is very important work. And sadly, it is increasingly overlooked as time goes on. Reapers get too caught up in their dealings with their servants and neglect the suffering of the deceased.

If that’s how you feel, then why did you agree to join the Vanguard with me? Sai-hee’s group is the one that deals the most with reaping, right?

That is exactly why. Sai-hee’s group doesn’t need anyone to remind them of its importance. The Vanguard does. And this way, I also get to fight Abolish a lot more.

Ah. Does Abolish bother to reap souls at all, you think?

I know some of them do. It’s part of their shared belief system. Giving souls to their “Void” consciousness.


But I also know that some only gather souls in order to feed them to their aberrations. Those are the ones I would most like to kill.

Preying on the helpless.

I can think of nothing more disgusting.

Cisco could only nod in agreement. He knew the Vanguard had an entire division devoted to hunting down aberrations, and Dennex had told him on their first day together that he intended to join it when Cisco grew strong enough. Once he’d been a servant for four years, he would be able to request a transfer out of the division of his parents, but he would probably need more time than that, he figured. The aberration hunters were renowned for their strength.

He returned to his phone, just waiting for the bell to ring so that he could follow his sister to her next class. She hadn’t been too pleased with his decision to shadow her all day, but he didn’t really care about her opinion. Ma wanted him to look after her, and that was exactly what he was going to do.


  1. Wait, is Cisco turning into a person that cares for his family? Good for him. I thought he was going to try to kill everyone.

  2. I feel like he's one of those guys who put honor and orders first over morals and other people. Also if he killed his family it would be funny watching them revive and start killing him, and so on in an endless cycle.

  3. Yeah we've only seen him from the very subjective POV's of his little brother who admits that he aggravates him and his little sister.
    Cisco might be a jerk but that doesn't mean he can't be a good guy too.

  4. *insert almost every character who does annoying/bad things that the fandoms hate i.e. eridan for homestuck, or in this story colt* Yeah almost every series has that. Character complexity is a bitch.
    Mr Frost can you please make your characters more 2-dimensional? it's really hard to give a black and white representation of them with how complex they are right now.

  5. I have faith in your representative prowess.

  6. Right:
    Colt: Bad goodman
    Stoker: Good badman
    Lawrence: Good guy working on bad info?
    Hector: Saintly good guy
    Geoffrey: Demonic bad guy

    Cisco: Mean guy. Fuck Cisco
    Emiliana: Good girl. Big tits. Everyone want to fuck emiliana. (wait what year in school is she? Don't want to go to jail...)
    Black and white enough or can I simplify this more?

  7. Haha, poor Cisco. Even the audience hates him.

  8. Oh no, I believe he's decent man, I'm just drawing a black and white from his siblings perspective.

  9. I noticed that while he was picking on Marcos, he also acted like he genuinely wanted Marcos to fight back, effectively. He even taught Marcos earlier to break the hold he was using, and got angry when he didn't.

  10. Emiliana is only 14. Cisco's going to beat you into a pulp.

  11. personally, I like Cisco. He's fiercely loyal, even if he isn't willing to let Emil make her own decisions.

  12. What's with all the Cisco dislike on this page? (O_o)