Monday, May 19, 2014

Page 699

With full strength, Cisco landed a punch that crushed Louis’ skull and sent him bouncing down the hallway. But Cisco was not done. Louis’ unnamed reaper had been right beside him, trying to empower him for the fight, so Cisco leapt up and snatched the skeletal beast out of the air with his other hand. The other two reapers scattered, their servants now strengthened.

Still obviously disoriented, Randall rounded on Cisco and swung wildly at the air, sending a wave of destruction after him.

Cisco slid right on by, wrapped his arm around Randall’s head, and twisted it off like a giant bottle cap. He landed on both feet again, his battered arms in the midst of regenerating. In each, he had a different prize--a reaper hostage and Randall’s head. He leveled a stare at the final servant, waiting to see if the man intended to flee now.

Alas, that did not seem to be the case. “Is this the ‘honor’ you were talking about?” the man asked, fully regenerated. “Taking advantage of your opponent’s demonstration of courtesy to catch them off guard. We told you we meant you no harm.”

Cisco nodded slightly. “Yes, well, I did warn you. And I’m being kind, too. This reaper in my left hand? I haven’t killed him yet. Your friend Louis will be fine. Randall, too.”

“A sucker punch. Not that it matters, I suppose. I’m still stronger than you are.”

“Confident,” said Cisco. “Then tell me your name before we proceed.”

“I am Dunstan Rofal, Lance Corporal of the Seventh Watcher’s Unit under General Lawrence.”

A watchman,’ said Dennex. He clung to the back of Cisco’s neck. ‘You lot are better at scouting than at fighting.

“We are multitalented,” said Dunstan. His black eyebrows had sharp arches to them, and his harsh cheekbones could have been weapons unto themselves. He didn’t look all that much older than Cisco. Early twenties, at most. “I may not have your esteemed heritage, but you do not have my training.”

“You’ve obviously never met my mother.” Cisco set Randall’s head aside.


  1. "We told we meant you"
    We told YOU we meant

  2. Rofal? I hope that's a coincidence.

  3. Pretty sure it's not, and now am theorizing...

  4. .....




    Are you fucking with us here, Frost?! There's no way you couldn't think that readers would not latch on to that name! Is this Dustan related to Geoffrey and his grandfather (I forgot his name)? Don't mess with me here, man! I'm already at my wit's end with Mariana!

    Also, Dustan is making excuses for their loss to Cisco. You came to kidnap them, there's no honor there, you fuck!