Thursday, May 29, 2014

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In this area, the waters often receded enough to reveal the bare ground, and the boathouse was designed with that in mind, bearing a foundation that could stand or float equally well in exchange for sacrificing most of its aquatic mobility. It also wasn’t terribly large. Even the few people she’d brought with her wouldn’t be able to stay here comfortably, but it would have to do for now. She pulled up beside it and had everyone else board it first, then carried Marcos’ body over with her.

The remote location was ideal for the current circumstances. Due to all the souls in Aguarey, Shenado hadn’t been able to identify any of the reapers who’d been pursuing them; but now that they were far enough away from the city, any reaper stupid enough to have kept following would be immediately sensed and memorized by Shenado. Unfortunately, none of the enemy reapers had been that stupid.

Whoever they were, they’ve given up chasing us,’ the reaper said. ‘Seems their reapers value their anonymity. I’d say that confirms that it’s a watcher’s unit, then. And that Charlie Day fellow--strange for an alteration type to be used as a watchman, but it might make sense if he had power over radio waves. Would also explain the heat he could produce and perhaps even the jamming of your cellphone.

Right now, the only thing Mariana needed from this place was the encrypted satellite phone. It required a bit of setup, but she had it working within a few minutes.

Who are you calling first?’ Shenado asked.

Emiliana.’ She didn’t need Shenado to tell her the girl’s number. She tapped it in from memory. It took a little while to connect and start ringing.

Emiliana picked up immediately. <“Mama?”>

Mariana exhaled a long breath. “Yes, it’s me.”

<“Oh, thank god!”>

“Are you alright? Are you safe?”

<“I am. I’m with Octavia Redwater. I called her granddaughter for help, and then she came to get me herself.”>

“Good! Smart girl. I’m proud of you. Is Francisco with you?”

She paused. <“No... He stayed behind to fight, I think. I don’t know what happened to him. I’m sorry...”>


  1. Not really relevant to this part of the story but oh well, could hector create steel, or would he have to use carbon as well?

  2. He would have to use carbon as well, assuming that he actually makes iron.

  3. on the topic of hector i will be really disappointed if he does create iron due to the question mark on his element.

  4. Toaster of VengeanceMay 30, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    There's no way it could be iron, as often as it comes up that it might not be

  5. Haha, in fairness, you guys bring it up a lot more often than the text does.

  6. Yes, steel or other alloys are out. Assuming, as Dust said, he does in fact make iron. Remember we have now learned the ability to produce a combination of two elements is possible. That means Hector may have been making a much stronger iron alloy all along. Or maybe even something unknown.

  7. ...hmm so I was right (I broke the streak, thank God!) bout the safe house having a phone, but seriously, couldn't the call be bugged from Emy's end? Am I not thinking bout this correctly?

  8. '... strange for an alteration type to be used as a watchmen, ...'
    Shouldn't that be watchMAN?