Monday, May 26, 2014

Page 707

Only two students were so far unaccounted for, apparently. After a minute, Emiliana saw her own name there alongside her brother’s. And not long after, she was staring at helicopter footage of her own house and listening to the reporter talk about how the rest of her immediate family was also missing. The news line soon changed to, ‘Assault on Rainlord family?’

It did nothing to ease her mind. She didn’t want to hang up on Alicia, but she had to try calling her parents again.

A vain attempt. Her father still wasn’t answering, and the call still wasn’t reaching her mother. Her hands trembled as she made to try Cisco next.

Her vision began to blur, in and out of focus. She squinted at her phone as her fingers started to burn--and then, so did her face. She couldn’t hold back her pained groans, and she dropped her phone as she watched her fingers contorting strangely against her will.

Ch-Chergoa!’ she thought, hardly able to think straight. ‘What--?! What’s--?!

Emiliana! Oh sh--! It’s okay! No, this is fine. Just try to calm down.

It felt like thick needles were digging into her face. Or out of it, rather. Her forehead, both cheeks, and her left eye all burned like fire. ‘What is this?! What’s happening?!

It’s okay. I’ll tell you exactly what’s happening, but first I need you to try and relax. Just close your eyes and listen to my voice. You’re okay. Do you understand? You’re fine.

She did as the reaper said, or tried to. She could still feel her own racing heart and stunted breaths. And her whole body shook, small tremors running through her, up and down and back and forth all at once.

But after a spell, the feeling slowly melted away, leaving only a few lingering shivers.

Alright,’ said Chergoa. ‘Now when you open your eyes, you’re going to see some changes. You’re a little different now. But I don’t want you to panic, okay? I need you to trust me. I’ll explain everything. I promise.


  1. She's a mutation user. Please be mutation. I want a mutant user so bad

  2. "the call wasn’t still even reaching her mother."
    I think you switched some words there, not sure. Sounds strange.

  3. Wait, a superpowered kid uses his powers in self-defense and DOESN'T get labeled a terrorist? Not only that, but the media's conclusion is actually the correct one? What is this world coming to?

  4. It certainly sounds that way. I'd assumed it was just the enhancement pains kicking it - remember it does that, totally floored Goeffrey once upon a time - but the bit about being different suggests otherwise.

    On the other hand, she's such a fresh servant I wouldn't expect her to be able to transform at all. She shouldn't manifest any ability for weeks at least, if I remember correctly.

  5. ...well, the authorities didn't know what happened at all so Cisco couldn't be labeled a terrorist. You were dead on with the conclusion though lol

  6. There's no fucking way that Emy's ability manifested so damn early. I more think it was Alicia's grandmother changing her. Though I have no idea how. Can Mutation users change things other than themselves? Also, I have no explanation for why Cher wouldn't tell her what was gonna happen beforehand