Friday, May 2, 2014

Page 666 mwahaha

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Look down,’ said Garovel.

And then he saw it. Part of the floor had slid away, revealing an impressive rectangular slit in the nightrock. At this angle, he couldn’t see anything within, only pitch blackness. He stepped closer for a better look.

Don’t fall in,’ said Voreese. ‘If you do, it’ll be two and a half hours before you hit the bottom.

Hector stared at her. “W-what? What the hell is this?”

This, dear Hector, is the reason why Stasya built Warrenhold here. As old as this castle is, this pit right here is even older.

He shined his light through. He could see gray walls in an almost perfect cylinder extending straight downward. And that was it. He couldn’t see the bottom. It just kept going. The hole itself was wide enough for perhaps three people to stand adjacent with their arms spread.

Where does it let out?’ asked Garovel.

Right near Capaporo. You know it?

Yeah. Are you sure it still exists, though? I haven’t been there in, oh, three hundred years, maybe.

I don’t know. It’s been seventy years for me.


“E-excuse me, but... I don’t understand anything that’s happening...”

We wouldn’t expect you to,’ said Garovel.

“Uh... well, what is this hole?”

It’s a portal to Hell,’ said Garovel.

Hector just blinked dully.

I don’t think he believes you,’ said Voreese.

Tch. He probably remembers that I don’t believe in Hell.

Should’ve lied better, then.’ A beat passed as she stared at Hector. ‘It leads to Heaven.

...I don’t think he’s buying it.

“Agh. Please, just tell me the truth.”

Voreese looked at Garovel, who shrugged. ‘Alright,’ she said. ‘It leads to a second human civilization that diverged from the surface of Eleg so long ago that nobody up here even knows about it.

Again, Hector just stared.

We call it the Undercrust,’ said Garovel. ‘It’s a layer of rock in Eleg’s mantle with caves that make the one here in Warrenhold look like nothing. There were about five hundred million people living down there, last I heard.

“Wait. Are... are you actually being serious?”


  1. bigbadcreepybenMay 2, 2014 at 6:24 PM

    oooo Mr. frost you evil, evil, wonderful man you

  2. Well, that was.. unexpected.

    "Are you sure it[’s] still exists"

  3. Coooooooooooool.

    Shined/shone? I'm being bad and lazy and not looking it up.

  4. Shined and shone seem to be interchangeable, actually. I read something about shined referring to polishing and shone referring to emitting light, but that sounds like needlessly confusing bullshit to me, and since there appears to be no differences in dictionaries, I'm gonna say they're synonyms. I think it's grammatically wiser, because it makes things easier on everyone, and the English language doesn't need to be made any more difficult than it already is. :)

  5. Blew my mind. Also feels next tier.
    It's painful because I've just picked up the series and I've just caught up just as its getting really good.

  6. Haha, sorry. Thanks for reading, though. :)

  7. So I just started reading, like a week ago, got to here and said "Wha". Did not see that coming! :)

  8. Just when we thought we were beginning to understand this shit - Abolish, Vanguard, servants, abberations, the whole lot of it - you throw this shit at us.

    Did you even foreshadow this crap?

    Probably, and I missed it.

    Brilliant, sir.

  9. 2.5 hours?? average terminal velocity for a human is about 56m/s. for a 2.5 hour drop, thats a drop that'd be about 504km deep. pretty damn deep. that is multiple times deeper than the earths crust. this planet is pretty big, or just the crust is really deep. 504km is a long ass drop, id be pretty bored after a while

  10. HOLD ON! This hole wouldn't happen to be the same hole that Abolish tried to dig to Eleg's core is it?

    Nah, probably not, but this may answer why Abolish ended up stopping that plan. They discovered the Undercrust.

  11. Thank you! I was really dreading having to do the math on that. You saved me some trouble!

  12. It does say "in the mantle"

  13. ... The fuck???