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Tell them to wait here,’ said Voreese, motioning to the surveyors.

Hector hesitated, glancing between her and the others.

Why?’ said Garovel.

You won’t want too many people to know about what I’m going to show you.

Garovel nodded, and Hector did as she requested. Miss Calloway didn’t try to argue with him. Her team was content with just investigating the rest of the tower. They still looked a bit spooked, but curiosity appeared to be getting the better of them now as Hector heard them quietly marveling amongst themselves at the remarkable condition, noting in particular that the floor wasn’t even very dusty.

Roman, guard the door,’ said Voreese. ‘Make sure they don’t follow us. I’ll tell you all about it later.

He frowned but nodded.

Hector proceeded downward with the two reapers. After a staircase, he arrived in a rather large chamber. He shined his light around and found it empty, save a thick lever adjacent the staircase. It was stuck into a bulky gear embedded in the floor.

Voreese pointed at the lever. ‘Pull that toward you. You’ll need some strength for it.

Garovel grabbed his shoulder.

Hector inhaled deeply as the vigor coursed through him. He took hold of the lever with both hands and pulled. Even with the enhancements, it resisted him, but he slowly won out. The lever moved, and the gear turned, and Hector heard the scraping rumble of heavy stone sliding open--the same sound that the doors of nightrock made, only this one was much deeper. The sound ceased as soon as he stopped pulling the lever.

Keep going,’ said Voreese. ‘Yank the lever free and then put it in the other end of the gear. I know it’s annoying, but this is the oldest part of an already ancient castle. You’ll have to forgive the primitive design.

He did as she asked, making two more rounds with the lever and gear.

That should be enough. You don’t need to open it all the way.

“Open what?” said Hector. He was looking around the room and not seeing anything.


  1. "Her team was content with just investing the rest of the tower"

    investing - probably meant to be investigating

    "He shined his light around and fount it empty"

    fount -> found

    "The lever moved, and the gear turned, and a Hector heard"

    a Hector -> bonus "a", I think

    "Following that was the soundThe sound ceased as soon as"

    Missing end of sentence or just a full-stop.

  2. Eesh. Apologies for the slop. Fixed 'em all now, thank you.

  3. "Yank the lever free and then put it the other end of the gear."

    Something's missing there. "Put it [in] the other end of the gear"?

  4. You're welcome, and thank you for the wonderful story - I've been completely hooked on it ever since I found it :D

  5. Shined, should be shone? the sentence doesn't sound quite right.

  6. Hector could have just put up an iron wall to clock off the Surveyors possibly following, instead of Roman being left out.

  7. Reese seems like she's suddenly gotten serious. This must be hella important