Thursday, May 22, 2014

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It didn’t end. She just kept running. Her schoolbag slapped against her back, and her folded umbrella pattered uselessly against her so that it wouldn’t catch the air and slow her down. Through alleys, over fences, under madega trees, across streets and yards and parks and empty lots. She didn’t know where she was going. She only knew that she had to get away. Strange men had come to abduct her, and Cisco had protected her from them.

She tried to reach her mother, but the call wasn’t going through. Her father wasn’t answering. She was panicking. Everything was wrong. She didn’t understand how Chergoa was able to keep so calm, but she certainly appreciated it.

Can you call any of the other Rainlords?’ the reaper was asking.

Uhh--’ Emiliana tried to sift through the numbers in her phone while she splashed through a series of ponds. She would’ve really liked to have even one of her parents’ Vanguardian friends listed, but she’d never gotten to know any of them well enough to exchange personal information. The other Rainlords, she barely knew--but no, wait. She’d met lots of their children. A couple of them were even her cousins. If she called them, maybe they could tell their parents? Did she have any of their numbers?

She had three, she realized. Selena Cortes, Ester Zabat, and Alicia Redwater. She went for Alicia’s number first, as it was the only one Emiliana remembered calling at all in the last three months. And as she waited for it to ring, she tried to think about where she was in relation to the Redwater family. The main branch lived on the other side of Aguarey, as she recalled. House Cortes was the same, and the Zabats lived all the way in Luzo, so Alicia was probably her best bet after all.

Mercifully, Alicia picked up. <“Hi, Emy. What’s up?”>

A beat passed, and she just blanked. How was she supposed to explain this without sounding utterly ridiculous?


Talk!’ Chergoa yelled at her. ‘Say things!


  1. "‘Talk!’ Chergoa yelled at her. ‘Say things!'" I don't know why i find that so funny, but I am going to try to use that at some point now.

  2. You know, i find the rainlords very poorly prepared for a multi generation military organization. If this had been abolish attacking, half the rainlords would be dead by now. Maybe it is just me, if it where my family being drafted i would have several layers of emergency protocols in case of attack on home soil. All anyone would have to do is make a phone call to one of a dozen numbers in order to set off a cascading tree of contacts to spread the word and mobilize help. Perhaps this will teach them a lesson about arrogance, just like America learned after 9-11.

  3. You're jumping to an awful lot of conclusions. You don't know that much about the Rainlords yet. They're not an organization. They're just a bunch of families. You also don't know anything about the precedence for Abolish attacking them, especially when it's already clear that the Vanguard has a large presence in Sair. And it was mentioned before, but not all Rainlords are Vanguard, either.

  4. Further, they aren't being attacked by enemies, they're being attacked by allies. Emotional trauma is a powerful thing in the heat of the moment.

  5. Plus, the Vanguard start out inside several of their lines of defense.

  6. ...shouldn't you have replied to princess nova instead of Frost...?

  7. ...shouldn't this have gone under princess nova's comment?

  8. I have nothing much to say other than Emiliana is acting just as I'd expect a 14-year old to act in a time of crisis. That last line by Cher was hilarious