Saturday, May 17, 2014

Page 697

Surprisingly, the trio of servants didn’t look terribly upset by the alarm. People began filing out of the classroom, and the Vanguardians just let them go, standing still and silent as they waited for the uninvolved to pass. Cisco looked for Emiliana among the other students, but even after the classroom had emptied, he still hadn’t seen her. He saw Dennex smirk.

The girl jumped out the window!’ said one of the other reapers.

Louis ran for the door.

Cisco felt Dennex empower him with vigor, and he grabbed Louis’ head with one hand. Cisco shoved the man back, and Louis fell on his ass, a smoldering handprint burned into his face.

“You’ve yet to do us any harm, so I will grant you this one warning,” said Cisco, his hand trembling as the smoking flesh of his palm regenerated. “Try to touch my sister again, and I will kill each and every one of you.”

Chergoa heard enough to know that they should flee,’ said Dennex privately. ‘It seems Axiolis chose a wise partner for your sister.

“You don’t want to do this,” Randall said darkly. “We know who you are, Mr. Elroy. You’ve only been a servant for two years. I’ve been one for four. My friends here, three and five. Do the smart thing and surrender.”

Cisco pulled off his coat and started rolling up the sleeves of his gray undershirt. “You know who I am, do you? If that were true, then you would be running away like the cowards you are. I am Francisco Elroy, fools. I am a Rainlord of Sair. The blood of the Armans runs through my veins.”

“You are a schoolboy with a famous name,” said Randall. “Is that name of yours worth dying for, I wonder?”

“Of course it is. But I wouldn’t expect someone who tries to abduct young women to understand the first thing about honor or integrity.”

“We understand duty, Mr. Elroy. It seems you’re still too young to know the difference.” Randall looked to Dennex. “Talk some sense into your servant.”


  1. Family, duty, honor...

    So are we through with donation bonuses?

    "If [you] that were true, then you would be running away like the cowards you are."

  2. "Of course it is...."

  3. hmmm cisco has quickly turned into a character i like, at least so far