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Page 672

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As Zeff eyed the General, he took a long breath before asking, “What did Gema do?”

“She killed someone she shouldn’t have.”

Zeff shut his eyes a moment. “Who, exactly?”

“An Intarian diplomat,” said Lawrence. “She has upset a lot of people, Zeff. I was hoping you could tell me where she is.”

“Ah...” Zeff shook his head. He was in for an embarrassing conversation, it seemed. “I’m sorry, but I have no idea. My relationship with Gema is... strained. I’ve not spoken to her in over two years.”

“Please, take a moment to think. This is very important. Anything you can tell us about her whereabouts could be helpful. A hiding place she had as a child, perhaps.”

After a beat, he frowned. “I’m sorry, ensir. I honestly have no clue.”

Lawrence eyed Axiolis.

Sorry. I don’t have any idea, either.

Lawrence threw a quick glance at Dergoz on his arm. “There must be something you two can tell me. You’ve both known her since she was born.”

Zeff wasn’t sure how else he could phrase it, so he just said, “I’m sorry, ensir.”

The General’s expression hardened. “You are putting me in a very difficult position, Captain.”

“I wish we could be more help to you, General, but--”

Enough,’ said Dergoz suddenly.

Zeff hadn’t realized the reaper had even been listening.

I didn’t think Rainlords were in the habit of lying,’ said Dergoz, not sounding particularly sleepy.

Zeff raised an irate eyebrow. “I am not lying.”

“Dergoz, let me--”


Axiolis hovered closer to Zeff. ‘Something is wrong here,’ he said privately.

Zeff was beginning to get that impression, too.

It is vital that we find Gema Elroy,’ said Dergoz. ‘You are her father. If you do not know where she is, then who does?

“I don’t know. She has not been home in over two years.”

Yes, I heard you the first time.

You seem rather desperate to find her,’ said Axiolis. ‘If she has broken the law, then let Zeff and I be the ones to retrieve her.

No, I do not think that would be wise,’ said Dergoz.


  1. No commenta on this page either. Very odd indeed.

    Anyway, dafuq am I reading? Is Zeff being suspected as well as his daughter? Why is this reaper, Dergoz, being such a dick? Why invite them under friendly circumstances and then switch up like this? Were I Zeff, I'd rather the 3rd Degree first instead of the fake friendliness

  2. Mahdi AparentylycntsayawsomApril 27, 2015 at 9:23 AM

    Dergez: I'm in love with your daughter!
    Zeff: =_=
    Axolis: oooooooo