Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Page 99

--donation bonus (day #2, post 2/5)--
Regaining himself, Colt took advantage of the chaos. While the other mooks were distracted, he ran up behind one of them. He kicked him in the back of the knee, took the man into a chokehold with one arm, and stole the gun from its holster with the other. He immediately switched off the safety and opened fire. Two shots, two dead lackeys.

The kid was tossing his three around like they were lawn chairs. For some reason, Geoffrey seemed intent on getting around the kid rather than fighting him directly, and the kid seemed equally intent on holding his ground.

Rofal scrambled through his desk, no doubt for a weapon, but when he saw that Colt already had the gun on him, he stopped and backed away. For the first time that Colt had seen, the man looked genuinely fearful. “Be reasonable, Colt... If you kill me--”

Colt shot him in the chest.

Rofal dropped, hands vainly touching the wound as he watched Colt walking closer. “No...!”

“Yes.” The bullet splattered Rofal’s brain all over the floor.

He didn’t have long to feel satisfied, however.

“What have you done?!” someone yelled. It was Geoffrey. The red shadow boiled around him. “What have you DONE?!”

Colt opened fire. The shadow deflected each bullet, causing Geoffrey scarcely more than a momentary grimace. The magazine soon ran out.

The kid ran up and grabbed Geoffrey by the arm, then flung him back into the hall. One of Geoffrey’s minions was back up, and Colt bashed his skull in with the butt of his gun.

“What the fuck is that red shit?!”

“No time,” the kid said. “Where will your children arrive?”

“I don’t know!”



  1. I understand why Colt killed Rofal (good villain, miss him already) but he really should have taken in the situation fully

  2. Well... That was faster than expected :p