Saturday, June 22, 2013

Page 92

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Hector’s expression darkened beneath his helm. He eyed the vacant-eyed man in the chair. “Who is that person?” he said.

“Oh, him?” said Geoffrey. “He is my new fetcher. My old one was starting to smell.”


“Yeah. I use him to bring me stuff. From the outside. My uncle does not want me to leave, and I want him to be happy, so I use fetchers.”

That man is dead,’ said Garovel. ‘The body is alive, but there is no soul.

“Hmm.” Geoffrey’s eyes moved, and Hector wasn’t sure where the young man was looking. “If you will not tell me your name, then what about these two here?”

Hector blinked. “What?”

He can see us!’ said Bohwanox.

“Why, yes, I can.” Geoffrey grinned. “Am I not supposed to?”

The reapers backed away even further.

“You asked what ‘that thing’ is,” said Geoffrey. “You were referring to me?”

Yes,’ said Garovel. ‘What are you?

“I am not sure what you mean.”

You are NOT human,’ said Bohwanox. ‘So why do you look like one?

“Hmm. You know, I have always had a feeling I was not human. Everyone treats me like one, so I did not think much more about it, but you seem to know what you are saying. What are you, anyhow? Phantoms?” Geoffrey stepped closer and reached out to touch Bohwanox.

Hector placed himself in the way. “Did you... kill that man there?”

Geoffrey eyed Hector again. “You have not answered any of my questions, yet you continue to ask more of your own. You are trying my patience.”

“Too bad,” said Hector. “Did you kill him?”


  1. Yo! My heart skipped a beat when he talked to the Reapers! Kill it! Kill it with Fire! Kill it with Iron! Kill it with IRON FIRE!!!

  2. ... That thing is scary... GMF, this bad boy you made is scary... I'm happy I didn't read the last 3 pages yesterday night, I probably would have gotten unpleasants dreams...

  3. I like how he's just like "I don't give a **** about what you're thinking, you just answer"