Monday, June 3, 2013

Page 72

“Fat chance,” said Colt.

“Is it really so ridiculous? With you, I finally have someone reliable who can never betray me. With me, you finally have an employer who appreciates your finer talents. An employer who will not hesitate to show his generosity.”

“You have a strange idea of generosity.”

“I like guarantees, Colt. A man in my position shouldn’t trust anyone when he has the opportunity not to. I’m sure you can understand that. But when I have my guarantee--” He placed a briefcase on the desk. It was full of cash. “--I am free to show my gratitude.”

Colt eyed the money. By the size of the bills, there must have been at least five thousand troas. “Money isn’t enough,” he said.

“Of course. I believe you have earned another two hours.”

Colt took the briefcase. “Where are they?”

“Today, they’re here.” Rofal motioned toward the broad double doors behind him, ornately wooden with brass lamps on either side. “Tomorrow, they’ll be somewhere else.”

Colt proceeded through into what could only be Rofal’s bedchamber. Four guards looked up as he entered, and then put away their cards, book, and newspaper in order to watch him in silence. He approached the crib in the middle of the room.

Two babies lay sleeping, twins boy and girl. Colt took a relieved breath. He could not smile at them. Not here. He touched his son’s forehead and then his daughter’s.

Two hours, he had. It wasn’t enough. He wanted to spend it as efficiently as possible, but he didn’t know how to do that. So before it drove him mad, he decided to just sit down and watch them sleep.

Garovel merely continued observing.


  1. I: They better not get hurt...

    1. I have no idea what you're talking about. No one ever gets hurt in this story.

    2. xD
      I just hope for a happy ending for Colt and his kids now.

  2. Ah, Garovel is catching all this. Good. Things continue to get interesting.

  3. Shit. I was hoping that there wouldn't be some family issue that had Colt working for Rofal. Cause I seriously wanted Colt to die for killing Melissa in cold blood. Now I'm horribly conflicted.

    But that's exactly what you wanted, huh, Frost?! Stop playing with my emotions!

  4. Yeah...right...
    Then why does the MC look like a peeled OFF human every fifth page? O.o