Friday, June 28, 2013

Page 108

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“It’s not that I didn’t,” he said. “It’s that I couldn’t... He’s too strong. Or I’m too weak. All I know is... I couldn’t even hurt him...”

“Well, fuck.”

“Did you... did you get your kids?”

And Colt actually smiled--not with sarcasm, but with relief. “Yes, I did,” he said. He motioned over to the car, and there they were in the backseat, both wrapped in blankets. “They were screaming their heads off the whole way here. I don’t know how they’re sleeping now.”

“What about you?” Hector asked. “Are you injured?”

Colt revealed a gash under his left sleeve briefly. “There were three guys in the elevator.”

“You... killed them?”

“I did. That a problem for you?”

Hector sighed. “I guess not... You don’t have my advantages, so... I understand, but still...”

Colt tossed him something. “Here.” It was a burner phone.

Hector just waited for him to elaborate.

“I thought you might find me again. How the hell do you keep doing that, anyway?”

“It’s... too difficult to explain...”

“Whatever. My number’s in that phone.”

“Thank you...?”

“Thank yourself. I used your money.”

Hector tilted his head. “Cellphone stores aren’t open at this hour...”

Colt shrugged. “I may have broken a window to make my purchase.”

“You’re supposed to be a cop...”

“It’s fine. I left plenty of money on the counter.”

Hector pocketed the phone. It fell through his pants and hit the ground. He decided to just carry it. “You’ll call me if you need my help, I take it?”

“Well, since you’re offering, sure.” Colt moved for the driver’s door. “By the way, you need a ride?”

He thought a moment. “No...”


  1. It would be pretty interesting if Colt and Hector formed a two-man team, goodcop badcop style. I have a feeling that won't be the case however...

    1. You should hold onto that hope. SO I CAN CRUSH IT. No, but seriously, hold onto it. IF YOU LIKE BEING DISAPPOINTED.

      Okay, just stop listening to me...

    2. Those outbursts remind me of Andrew Hussie... that scares me a little.

    3. I am my own entity. I assure you.

    4. You know of his work?

    5. Yeah. Super popular webcomic guy. That's about all I know, though.

  2. I actually hope the exact opposite. Colt isn't exactly complicated. Just pragmatic. I don't think that he'd make a good partner, story-wise, at least. Of course, since this thread is a year old, my input probably doesn't matter, but there you go.