Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Page 98

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Another pounding thud shook the room even more violently than before. Everyone looked around nervously.

“I’m not the one you should be worried about right now,” said Colt.


The double doors flung open, and the kid ran into the room, metal helm looking between everyone. A red streak followed him in and struck at him. He dodged the first couple strikes before it pierced his leg, dropping him to his knee. Red coiled around the kid like rope, swung him up, then smashed him into the floor. The kid struggled in his bindings as Geoffrey entered the room, the red source.

“Pardon us, Uncle.”

“Who the hell is this?” Rofal asked.

“He refuses to tell me,” said Geoffrey. “You should stand back, Uncle. He is rather dangerous. And very protective of--” Geoffrey choked the word back as the kid started pulling on the red streak, dragging Geoffrey towards him.

A jagged red blade grew from Geoffrey’s other hand, and he slashed the kid. It cut into the helm and got stuck there. The kid pulled him in the rest of the way and smacked him in the jaw, freeing himself. He launched Geoffrey across the room, collapsing a table as he landed.

The kid looked to Colt. “Are they here?!” he said.

Still a bit in shock, Colt struggled to answer. “Soon!”

Back on his feet, Geoffrey’s wild eyes searched frantically. He pointed to a few of Rofal’s lackeys. “You three!” A surge of crimson shot forth and enveloped them. They quickly panicked, began screaming like they’d been set on fire, then all too suddenly, fell deathly silent. “Kill him!” They all bounded toward the kid, splitting up to attack from different sides.


  1. He thinks they can kill him when ripping his heart out didn't. He's inhuman, but...sorta stupid isn't he? Just as well, Hector's still new to all this, and dealing with the inhuman part is quite enough with any clever thinking thrown in.

  2. I think you're right. Makes sense, too. Geoffry's never needed to be clever, being whatever the hell he is has always been enough. No wonder his uncle never lets him leave. Which raises the question: wtf is his uncle to order a super-natural psychopath around?

  3. Oh, so he can make more than 1 Fetcher. Lovely. Also, now that I think about it, Fetcher reminds me of Keys to the Kingdom.

  4. Well I think Rofal is just human. I mean, he did say he was afraid of Geoffrey if I remember correctly.

  5. What IS he?! I've no idea what kinda traditional creature has powers like Geoffrey. The only thinv that comes close is a vampire...