Friday, June 28, 2013

Page 105

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“Did he have two babies with him?”

He did have both arms full.

“Can you take me to him?”

I believe so. Follow me.

He had trouble keeping pace. His limbs were beginning to feel like lead. Bohwanox slowed down for him.

I should thank you, Hector.

“What for?”

You saved my life.

“Oh... well... I mean, I couldn’t just let you die...”

Yes, you could have.

Hector’s brow lowered within his helm. “I wouldn’t have, then.”

Bohwanox eyed him quietly, his bony expression made thoughtful, and a silent intermission passed. ‘Are you sure Garovel is alright?

Hector hesitated. “N-no... but then... if he dies, then...”

So do you.


Do you feel like you’re dying?

“Not exactly... This isn’t what it felt like before, anyway...”

Hmm. What happened to Geoffrey?

“Still alive, I’m pretty sure... What is he? Do you have any idea?”

No, I don’t. Perhaps Garovel does. I get the impression he’s much older and more experienced than I am.

“Really? Uh... h-how old are you?”

As a reaper, I’m only about seventy years old.

“What do you mean, ‘as a reaper’...?”

If you count my human life, then I’m about a hundred or so, I suppose.

Hector blinked. “You... you were human?”

Bohwanox’s skeletal brow rose. ‘Of course. All reapers were humans before they died. Garovel didn’t tell you?

“Ah... well... we had a lot of other things to talk about. But, um... he did say that he was thousands of years old...”

It’s as I thought, then.’ Bohwanox circled around Hector to look at Garovel resting there.

“I just, um... I just thought all reapers were that old...”

Most are. I’m the rare one here.



  1. Day #3 of bonus posts incoming. The next four may be a bit slow to go up, but they'll be here before day's end. ON MY HONOR, I SWEAR THEY WILL.

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  2. Damn I guess I was wrong bout Garovel's age too. I'm running a truly horrible score with this series. Not up to my usual standard :)

  3. Lore info, yay! Now I'm even more curious xp

  4. xp? This isn't a game y'know