Saturday, June 15, 2013

Page 84 -- X.

Chapter Ten: ‘And ye shall know fear...’
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Colt was glad the kid wasn’t heavier. He lugged the body over his shoulder and approached the entrance to the Rofal mansion. He held the metal helmet in his free hand. The kid had been adamant about not leaving it behind.

The guards searched him. He had hoped that carrying a dead body would allow him to forgo such formalities, but they still made him stand there and wait while they confiscated his weapons. They even searched the kid’s body.

Rofal chose to receive him in the atrium, and Colt dumped the body on the floor.

Swank backed away. “It’s him! You brought him here?!”

“Him?” Rofal eyed the body.

“This kid was the thorn in your side,” said Colt.

“Ah, is that so?”

Swank nodded. He did not venture out from behind the staircase. “You’re sure he’s dead, right?”

“Of course,” said Colt. He turned the kid’s head to the side, revealing a bloody gash below the base of the skull. “I would’ve stabbed him in the face, but I wanted to make sure you could recognize him. There is a reward for this, right? Oh, generous boss of mine?”

Rofal laughed. “Spectacular! Of course I’ll reward you. Have a whole day--no, two days. Incredible work. How did you even find him?”

“He came to me,” said Colt. “Said he wanted my help. Thought I’d betray you and feed him information.”

Rofal’s smile broadened. “Let me guess. You said you would, and then stuck him as soon as his back was turned.”

“Pretty much.”

“I love it,” said Rofal. “That’s what I admire about you, Colt. That ruthlessness.”

Colt merely returned a smile of his own.


  1. Should have done something more extreme than a gash. Remember, these guys turned Hector into friggin swiss cheese, even blew off his lower jaw. There's literally no reason they should believe that a simple gash stopped him. Maybe should have cut off his limbs, gouge out his chest. Something that just screams "This is DEFINITE! Ain't no coming back from this!"

  2. I don't think Swank believes he's dead, but Rofal probably never believed the reports so he has no real reason to doubt.