Saturday, June 29, 2013

Page 110 -- XII.

Chapter Twelve: ‘O, vigilant heart, take heed...’
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Hector had been relieved to have Bohwanox help him find his way home again. The reaper knew exactly where Cedar Street was and had no trouble guiding him toward more familiar surroundings before flying off. He’d worried that Bohwanox would have trouble finding Colt again, but the reaper did not seem to share his concern.

Lying in bed, Hector awoke to Garovel floating over him.

Best wake now,’ the reaper said. ‘People will start to wonder where you are if you miss more school again.

He rolled over. His body felt like a sack of bricks. “It’s the weekend...”

Not anymore. You’ve been sleeping for four days.

“Ugh... of course I have...”

I only slept for two. You’re a wuss.

He eyed the reaper incredulously and shook his head. “So you’re all recovered, I take it?”

For the most part. C’mon, get up.

He groaned and sat over the side of his bed. “I feel fucking terrible...” As usual, everything hurt, his chest most of all. It had a kind of burning ache to it that made him regret each breath he took. “Agh, Garovel... why...?” He gave a laughing whimper. “This sucks so bad...”

I know. I managed to mitigate some of it while you slept, but the next few days’ll be pretty rough.

“I regret everything...”

No one likes a whiner.

“I especially regret saving you...”

Right back at you, Hector. Right back at you.

His laugh broke off into a grimacing smile. “Please...! Don’t make me laugh...!”


He slowly dressed himself and half-stepped his way down stairs with wooden legs. He found his father in the dining room, overseeing a coffee and newspaper.


  1. **spoiler**

    Say goodbye to Colt, everyone. WILL HE EVER RETURN? Yes, of course he will. But it'll be a while.

    In the mean time, the next major story arc is on the horizon.

  2. Just started reading the day before yesterday...but now I can't stop, I'm genuinely interested now. Rock on man.

  3. Meh. Not too chuffed. The dude still killed innocents. But hooray for new story arc!

  4. Fuuuuuu I just love Hector and Garovel's friendship! It reminds me of me and some of my friends.

  5. here in a matter of an hour....can't stop, need to sleep.....zombies out and carries on reading. So hard not to laugh out loud and wake the whole house!!!

  6. think i'm getting addicted...