Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Page 100 -- XI.

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“Ah--maybe the elevator in Rofal’s bedroom. But it could just be the main entrance. I can’t know for--”

The red flew around the door and straight for Colt. The kid jumped in front of him and took it through the chest, losing a mass of blood. The jagged shade stopped just short of Colt’s stomach.

“Go!” the kid yelled. “I’ll check the entrance!”

Colt didn’t need to be told twice. He stopped only to rip a gun off of one of the dead bodies. The other two minions were up and barreling at him. He didn’t hesitate to shoot them both in the head.

He kicked the door to Rofal’s bedroom open. The elevator sat on the far left side, adjacent the bathroom. The numbers above the elevator door were already lighting up in descending order.

Colt ducked into the bathroom and waited.

Chapter Eleven: ‘A true flesh wound...’
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Hector’s feet dangled above the floor as he hung from the red blade through his chest. He grasped the blade with both hands, trying to pull it free, but he couldn’t grip it with his blood all over it.

“This little helmet of yours is curious. And annoying. Is your head your weak point, by chance?” Geoffrey’s red shade coiled around the helm’s jaw, tugging on it.

Hector felt himself panicking. He didn’t know what else to do. The only thing he had left in mind was his iron, but that was useless. He tried it anyway. He put a hand forth, and from it came a light shower of gray particles, about as dangerous as a handful of confetti.

Geoffrey laughed. “What the hell is this?” He gently blew the powder away and laughed even more. “Are you a party clown in your spare time? Do that again! Go on!”


  1. Fifth paragraph: "...adjacent _to_ the bathroom."

    Also, I'm loving this story. I just started, but I'm about halfway through what exists at this point, and it's great. I'm very much looking forward to reading this in the days/weeks/months/years (hopefully years) to come.

    1. ...or maybe it's grammatically fine but it just popped out because I never see it used that way. Whichever.

    2. Ah, yeah, either way is correct. "To" is optional in this case. Thanks for the check, though.

      And I'm glad you're enjoying. Always love to see new readers commenting. And yes. It will indeed be years. :)

  2. Geoffrey really is not too bright huh? I have a feeling I know where this is heading with the iron particles...

  3. The chapter name reminded me of Monty Python's The Black Knight, "Tis but a flesh wound!" Lol.