Monday, March 23, 2020

Page 2149

~~((The National Puppy Day Special -- page 11 of 14))~~
"Okay, so after gaining their trust, how did he 'swindle' your ancestors?" said Hector.

'He used their abilities to help him gain political power--and even to help create this very nation. And during that time, he promised them that, once he was crowned king, he would appoint them to various influential positions, thereby ensuring the continued protection of our kind in this newly established kingdom.'

Charles had wanted to become king himself? That hadn't been part of the story. "But the Gaolanets were already nobles back then, weren't they?"

'Yes, but the Mohssian Empire was faltering, and so too was our influence within it.'

"Hmm. You still haven't told me how he swindled you."

'With my ancestors' support, he intended to become the very first King of Atreya. But as I am sure you know, that never came to pass, now did it? And the reason for that, if the tale is to be believed, was absolutely absurd.'

Hector just listened.

'He had a change of heart,' said Hanton. 'Charles simply stopped pursuing his ambition. After years of supporting him, he gave up halfway and helped Domitrus Lumenbel to be crowned king, instead. Complete madness.'

That didn't sound that crazy to Hector, honestly.

'Supposedly, he became convinced that Domitrus would be a better king. And all of his promises to us went unfulfilled and forgotten.'

Hector supposed he could understand why that would upset them, but at the same time, he couldn't help thinking that it was rather petty on the Gaolanets' part, especially considering that they obviously did gain political power later on. He remembered King William telling him about how the Gaolanets were a big part of the AFA.

With the way this whole conversation was going, Hector's opinion of these Sparrows wasn't improving much. Or at all, really. While he appreciated Hanton's willingness to talk, pretty much everything the guy said made Hector's doubts increase in one way or another.

At this point, Hector almost would've preferred it if Hanton attacked him. At least that would've simplified things.

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