Friday, November 20, 2020

Page 2774

Everyone's grip on him loosened instantly. Even the guy he'd nearly cut in half exploded apart. And suddenly, he was free again--covered in frosted blood and guts, but free.

Able to see now, the visor tracked Crowe and Konig both falling toward the ground in statue-like heaps, barely twitching. The remaining flocks of crows were visibly disoriented, too, without orders from their master.

Excellent. Crowe's subordinates were rushing to his aid, but more mini-missiles would provide cover while he moved to finish the job.

'Bloodeye just disappeared,' warned Worwal.


Invisibility again.

It had been a while since one of the Abolishers had tried that tactic, doubtless because most of them had realized that it was no longer effective.

Abbas had installed a Sound Navigation and Ranging device precisely for this purpose. True, it wasn't as effective in air as it was in water, and there was some added latency to account for, but it was certainly better than fighting blind.

The first pulse was ear-splitting and grinding--enough so that he would've certainly gone deaf at this range without passive soul defense or a very powerful sound dampener. It had to be so loud, of course, or else the pulse wouldn't travel with enough strength to bounce back and be useful.

Bloodeye was already quite close, the HUD revealed. And with the latency of sonar in air, Abbas knew that he would be even nearer than what the suit was telling him.

It shouldn't be too much of a problem, though. Bloodeye was dangerous, but he was a known quantity. His power was that of bromine transfiguration, and he relied heavily on fumes and acids to smother his opponents.

A relatively common fighting style, primarily elevated by the strength of the servant's soul and pan-rozum. It was still deadly, of course, especially when part of a team, but alone?

Abbas could handle him so long as Crowe stayed down for a bit longer. This situation was bad but still salvageable. As long as he stayed focused. He had to keep reminding himself of that.

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