Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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((The Wednesday Triple: page 1 of 3))
Would you happen to know why there’s some kind of horrifying mummy creature standing in front of me right now?’ said Roman.

Holy shit, that’s a Courier! It’s not there for you, is it?!

What do you--?

Leo intervened, trying to take the Courier’s items for himself, but the man’s hand simply phased through the letter and cellphone both. His expression turned to confusion, and then his eyes fell to Roman.

...Yeah, I think it’s here for me.

Well, what’d you get?!

Still hesitant and wondering if he should even accept this delivery, Roman eyed the letter more closely. That was when he noticed the words “From Hector” written in Mohssian on the envelope.

...A letter from Hector,’ he told Voreese.

Okay, WHAT?! Hector?! How could he have--?! When did--?! What has he been DOING?! How in all of fucktitude did he get access to a motherfucking Courier before WE did?! And we’re not even CLOSE to getting one, either! This is some horseshit! He and Garovel are fucking cheaters!

Roman, realizing that he was probably fucked either way now, decided to just take the items while Voreese was busy ranting. As soon the letter left the Courier’s grasp, it burst into flames, and Roman panicked as he scrambled to rescue it. He sucked all the heat out by suppressing particle vibrations around the paper, and the fire quickly died.

He added both objects to the invisible, heatproofed veil that he’d been using for his entire body, and then finally opened the singed letter to read it, glancing at Leo in the meantime.

The man was simply observing with apparent curiosity.

Roman read as fast as he could, but there was a lot written there, and he didn’t quite manage to get through it all before Leo took it from him. He maintained his veil around the letter in the hope that he might be able to get it back.

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