Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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((The Wednesday Triple: page 3 of 3))
“You know who I work for?” said Leo.

“Y-yes,” said Roman. He skimmed through the letter’s contents again.

Leo shook his head. “Do you honestly think she’ll help you, man?”

Roman returned a steady gaze. “I have to try, right?”

“The Peacemaker. Yeah.” Leo smacked his lips and stepped over the streaks of blood and meat on the floor. He made his way to the boxy-looking couch on the other side of the room and plopped down. “I don’t think you’d appreciate the kind of help that she’d give.”

Roman felt the pressure all around him relent a little. “Why do you say that? What kind of help would she give?”

“She’s not what people say she is. Maybe she used to be, but she sure ain’t that anymore, man.”

“So what is she, then?”

“She’s not even human.” He tapped a finger to his temple. “Up here, man. Everything’s just a game to her. You want her to protect you? Ain’t gonna happen. She’ll sacrifice you and everyone you love without a second thought. She ain’t no savior, man. Folks like to give Sermung and Dozer a hard time, but they don’t know. She’s worse than either of ‘em.”

Roman frowned. He didn’t have a response for that. He returned to the letter and finished reading it. There were two locations where Hector suggested meeting.

“Oh yeah, and she hates the Rainlords, by the way,” Leo added, nodding at the letter in Roman’s hand.


“Some old beef, I’m guessin’. But I’m pretty sure she would’ve wiped ‘em out years ago if not for the Vanguard, so... I’d be worryin’ about that, if I were you.”

Well, that was just wonderful. But with how seemingly candid Leo was being at the moment, Roman was feeling bold enough to inquire a bit further. “...Aren’t you worried that she’ll come for you now?”

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