Thursday, February 16, 2017

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((The Wednesday Triple: page 1 of 3))
Hector moved to eliminate the rest of the drones as well, but he found that they had already been taken care of by glass and were joining his own batch in the bowl below.

The group soon reached the platform, and briefly, Hector got a sprawling view of the military compound that sat upon it.

But only briefly.

A kind of hissing whoosh stole his attention, and he immediately saw the rocket-propelled grenade that it belonged to. Its brightly burning form left little doubt that it, too, carried the threat of ardor, and Hector was about to try to divert its path with materialized iron, but Asad’s quartz beat him to it.

Rocket met glass, and the resulting explosion was so fierce that it still reached them and tore Asad’s glass elevator to pieces, sending the group toppling off in all different directions.

Hector caught himself, Jada Najir, and Diego Redwater on an iron slide, which carried the three of them smoothly down to the platform full of hostiles, and they all hit the metal ground running. More blazing gunfire erupted, and there was no cover to be found--not from these bullets. The small building in front of them might as well have not been there, and indeed, as they ran sideways, the gunfire bisected it horizontally, making the structure buckle under its own weight.

Several shots grazed Hector’s head and legs, and he could feel that whole chunks of flesh were just gone, exploded apart. But he was still running, and the regeneration was doing its work, and that was all that mattered.

Shields out, they rounded the collapsed building and finally had a clear view of their attackers--a firing line of twenty or so Hun’Kui in various types of deeply green garb. When they saw Hector, Jada, and Diego all barreling toward them, they immediately stopped firing and scattered.

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